Choose a business location when adding a new business

Manager includes the option to choose a business location when adding a new business. This selection is optional. The business location you select (if any) does not affect the way Manager functions. But choosing a location automatically makes available any location- or country-specific features, including:

  • Predefined tax codes
  • Country-specific tax worksheets
  • Report transformations matching local specifications for digital submission of financial data
  • Payslip items necessary to support local reports
  • Custom fields required for local worksheets or reports

To specify a location when creating a new business, go to the Businesses tab and click Add Business. In the dropdown list, choose Create New Business:


On the next page, select a country or region in the Business Location dropdown field:


After also naming the business, click Add Business.

Business location is unique to each business. It is not a global preference. If you have more than one business in Manager, each one can be set up for a different location.

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