Looking for accounting software?

Manager is free accounting software for small business. Windows, Mac and Linux.

Simplicity Designed By You
Customise your accounting software to match your unique business needs.

Manager will adjust to you. Not the other way around. Easily turn on or turn off modules and reports based on your current business needs. Extend functionality as your business evolves.

Manager has all the modules you need to run your business such as Bank accounts, Cash accounts, Expense claims, Customers, Sales quotes, Sales invoices, Credit notes, Delivery notes, Suppliers, Purchase orders, Purchase invoices, Inventory items, Fixed assets and Journal entries.

Print Profit & loss statement, Balance sheet, Trial balance, Aged receivables, Aged payables, Tax audit, Tax summary and dozen of other reports.

Setup Chart of accounts, Tax codes, Tracking codes, Conversion balances and more.

There are more than a hundred possible combinations of how Manager can be customised. It's up to you what you choose.

Robust and Powerful Data Entry
Record any business transaction with ease.

Having a lot of modules in accounting software is one aspect but can modules talk? Manager has reinvented the way accounting transactions can be entered.

Why is it important? Let's say you are categorizing a $200 deposit in your bank account. If this $200 is for the Sale of inventory, Manager will ask you to select the inventory item. If it's for Accounts receivable, Manager will ask you to choose the sales invoice. If it's a Customer advance payment, Manager will ask you to select the customer. If it's Funds contributed by one of the partners in the partnership, Manager will ask you to select the partner.

Ultra Lightweight and Blazing Fast
Download and install in seconds. View your records and generate reports instantly.

We understand speed is a feature too and that's why Manager has been also designed for speed.

Manager will remain blazing fast even if you have 5,000+ customers, 10,000+ sales quotes, 25,000+ sales invoices and hundreds of different inventory items.

If you have a computer with multiple cores, Manager will take advantage of all cores to compute your reports in parallel to offer unmatched performance.

And best of all, Manager will take on your computer as much space as an average song.





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