Email transactions and reports

You can email PDF-formatted versions of completed transactions and reports directly from within the Manager program. No setup is required for the simplest approach.

Sending email from in-built SMTP server

Once you have created a business within Manager, you can email transactions and reports with no additional setup. While viewing the document you want to send, click Email near the top of the window:

An email composing screen will appear:

Click Send. The document will be sent as a PDF attachment to an email. The email will originate from the email address Your business name will be used as the sender’s identity.

Adjusting email settings

To adjust email settings, go to the Settings tab and click Email settings:

Modify settings as desired:

The paper size set for emails also controls paper size for printed documents throughout the program.

HTML should be set as the sending format if you plan to use HTML elements in email templates.

If you want emails sent from Manager to come from your own email domain rather than, check the box to Use custom SMTP server. Additional fields will appear (some appear progressively):

Check with your SMTP host to determine correct settings. For security reasons, Manager does not support port 465. Begin by trying port 587. Most SMTP servers will support both ports, so this should generally not be an issue. Click Update to save your adjusted settings.

After settings have been updated, you can test them by clicking Test email settings. A test message will be sent to your email address. A notice also appears if the test is successful.

Email settings cannot be tested until you have clicked Update.

Keeping track of emails

When you send your first email, Manager automatically activates the Emails tab in the left navigation pane:

In that tab, you can click View next to any email to display it. To delete an email, click Delete in the lower right corner of its window:



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