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A Supplier in Manager is an entity (person, business, or other organization) with whom you have or plan to have an Accounts payable relationship. Suppliers in Manager are actually subaccounts of Accounts payable. You must first create a Supplier before you can:

Not everyone from whom you buy must necessarily be a Supplier. You can make a cash purchase involving immediate payment without creating a Supplier simply by entering a name as Payee when spending money from a cash account. But such transactions will not be recorded in a history for that Payee, even if the Payee is already defined as a Supplier. Examples of purchases where a Supplier might not be needed include:

Enable the Suppliers tab

To enable the Suppliers tab, click Customize below the left navigation pane, check the box for Suppliers, and click Update below the list.

Create a Supplier

Select the Suppliers tab, then click the New Supplier button:

Complete the entry. Enter the name of the Supplier to which you will render payment and the payment address. This information will appear on purchase invoices and similar documents.

Your Supplier will now appear in the Suppliers tab. Suppliers are listed in alphabetical order according to their names. Use scrolling, paging, and search functions to find them. The listing shows the number of purchase invoices created for a Supplier and the Supplier’s Accounts payable balance. Click on blue numbers for more details of any column.



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