Issue supplier statements

A supplier statement summarizes your position with a specific supplier. By itself, it does not record any obligation for you to pay the supplier. That is the purpose of purchase invoices. In fact, a supplier statement has no direct financial impact on anything. Supplier statements are informational in nature. They can be used for several reasons, including:

Supplier statements are rarely sent to suppliers, but are often used internally.

Creating supplier statements

Supplier statements are created in the Reports tab under Accounts payable. The reports in this group become available automatically when you activate the Suppliers tab. Click on Supplier Statements:

Manager can generate two types of supplier statements, selectable in a dropdown box:

Unpaid invoices statements

The Unpaid invoices option produces a classical supplier statement based on purchase invoices you have not yet completely paid. The default Until date is the current date, but others can be entered:

Click Next to see a list of suppliers you owe money. The list shows numbers of unpaid invoices and Accounts payable balances:

Click View to see a specific supplier’s statement, which can be printed or emailed:

Transactions statements

The Transactions option brings the opportunity to specify both From and Until dates:

Again, clicking Next shows a list of available statements. Only those suppliers with transactions during the specified period will show. Click View to see the desired supplier’s statement:

This format lists transactions as debits and credits from the supplier’s perspective. Thus, suppliers’ invoices (corresponding to expenses) are shown as credits and payments as debits, opposite their categorization in your own accounts. Running balances are also shown.

Supplier statements do not include any purchases made as cash transactions, because these are not processed through the Accounts payable account and therefore do involve the supplier’s subsidiary ledger.



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