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A sales quote offers goods or services at defined prices and terms. Strictly speaking, it is not an accounting transaction and has no financial or inventory impact. It does not involve actual provision of services, movement of inventory, or payment of money. In fact, it is not really necessary at all, but can be used for a variety of purposes:

If a sales quote is accepted by the customer, it can be converted to a purchase invoice, purchase order, sales order, sales invoice, or delivery note.

Enable Sales Quotes tab and define customer

Before creating a sales quote, enable the Sales Quotes tab. Below the left navigation pane, click Customize, check the box for Sales Quotes, and click Update:

42 AM 42 AM 39 AM

Next, be sure the customer for whom the sales quote is being prepared has been defined in the Customers tab. Manager allows sales quotes to be created in three different ways:

Standard method

In the Sales Quotes tab, select New Sales Quote:

58 AM 08 AM

Complete the sales quote form. Some fields appear sequentially or when specific features of Manager are enabled:

58 AM

Click Create when finished. A Quote number will be automatically assigned. Manager searches for the highest previous quote number and adds 1.

Northwind Traders sends a sales quote to Bottom-Dollar Markets for crab meat. No taxes are indicated. (These can be added, if necessary to any resulting sales invoice.) Nor is a discount offered. But the amount is rounded down:

29 AM

The same quote could offer untotaled options:

11 AM

By cloning

Repeat sales quotes can be easily prepared by cloning previous ones. While viewing a similar sales quote, click Clone. The new sales quote need not be identical to the previous one or even to the same customer. Anything can be edited or added:

01 AM

From sales invoices

If a customer places an order similar to a previous sale, a sales quote can be generated from a prior sales invoice. Note, this may be backwards from the normal workflow of sales quote sales order sales invoice, but perfect for a situation where the customer wants updated pricing for the same thing purchased last time.

While viewing the prior sales invoice, select New Sales Quote from the Copy to dropdown box:

57 AM



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