Spend money

Money spent in any way by a business is a payment. Before one can be recorded, at least one bank account or cash account must be established. The corresponding Bank Transactions or Cash Transactions tab must also be enabled.

Basic payments

Once at least one bank or cash account exists, payments are recorded in the Bank Transactions or Cash Transactions tabs by clicking on New Bank Transaction or New Cash Transaction and selecting Spend money:

42 AM OR

36 PM OR 03 PM

Complete the entry:

Remaining fields are self-explanatory or are explained in other Guides. The completed form can be given to the Payee as a remittance or payment advice:

Payments against purchase invoices

Payments to suppliers against purchase invoices can be entered two ways:

As a basic payment

To enter a payment against a specific purchase invoice, post it to Accounts payable, the Supplier, and the Invoice:

Partial payments

When paying only part of the balance due on a purchase invoice, allocate the transaction exactly as above, but enter only the amount actually paid. Manager will apply the partial amount against the purchase invoice and show a reduced balance due. No other special steps are necessary.

Payments for multiple purchase invoices

When paying a supplier for multiple purchase invoices, leave the Invoice dropdown box blank. Manager will allocate the payment against the purchase invoice with a balance due that has the oldest due date first, then the next oldest, etc. However, if the payment is designated for specific purchase invoices, add lines and designate amounts for those invoices individually.

From a purchase invoice

To record a payment while viewing a purchase invoice, click on Spend money and select the transaction type:

11 AM

A payment entry form will appear. Select a bank or cash account. The remainder of the form will be prefilled with information to enter the full amount due on the purchase invoice. If the payment is for only part of the balance due, edit the amount paid by adjusting quantity or unit price.

Other situations

You are not restricted to using only simple expense accounts to post payments. For example, if money is paid to a business owner set up under the Capital Accounts tab, select the matching capital account and subaccount:

If a fixed asset is purchased the transaction can be allocated as below:

Employees are paid by allocating payroll amounts as follows:

Inventory and non-inventory items can also be directly purchased using payment forms. For more information on buying without purchase invoices, see this Guide.



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