Name or rename a business

You can name or rename a business for any reason, including:

There are two, independent aspects of naming:

While matching names are often convenient, the business name is not used by the program in the same way as the trading name. A properly entered trading name will remain fixed through data backups, restorations, and transfers. It will appear on transaction forms no matter what business name is used. However, if a new business is added, but no trading name is entered, Manager will use the business name as the trading name. This may not be desirable, and can cause problems when backups are made, because Manager adds date stamps to backup file names based on the business name, not the trading name.

Set the business name

When a business is first added to Manager using the Add Business button, a dialog box allows you to enter the business name under which all data for the business will be accessible. You can enter the formal legal name, a trade name, or something short and convenient. This name should be something that allows you to identify the business among others in the Businesses tab.

Set the trading name

Go to Settings Business Details:

Enter your desired name in the Trading name field:

Rename a business

The trading name of an existing business can be changed at any time following the same procedures described above for initial naming. Click Update to save the new trading name.

A business name, under which the business appears in the Businesses tab, can be changed by clicking Rename beside the business name at the top of the Manager window:

Edit the business name and click Update. This step has no effect on the trading name unless one has not been entered.

Changing either a business or trading name affects no accounting data. Nor does it change data file names of prior, existing backups or the trading names they contain.



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