Use Batch Delete in bank accounts

Batch Delete in the Bank Accounts tab allows you to quickly, but selectively, delete transactions as a group. It is intended primarily for correction of mistaken imports of bank statements without the need to edit and delete transactions one by one. Or it might be used if management discovers accounting personnel have made systematic errors that cannot be corrected using the Find & recode function.

A Batch Delete function is also available in several other tabs, but works differently there. That function is described in another Guide.

In the Bank Accounts tab, click on any blue balance for the bank account where you want to make batch deletions. This can be:

47 AM

Whichever balance is selected, a list of contributing transactions appears. In the illustration below, the Pending deposits balance for the checking account has been clicked. Note the Batch Delete button below the list:

Click Batch Delete to view a list of all transactions in the particular cash account (regardless of which balance was selected in the previous step). Check boxes to the left of transactions you want to delete:

Click Batch Delete at the bottom of the list:

The selected transactions are deleted and you are returned to the Batch Delete screen:

Batch Delete operations cannot be reversed. Be certain you want to permanently delete transactions before using it. Always back up your accounting data before using any batch operation in case a mistake is discovered later.



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