Use inventory kits

An Inventory kit is a defined group of inventory items that are sold together but not counted or necessarily stored together. The individual components of the kit may also be sold separately on other occasions. When an inventory kit is sold, component items are picked from their individual storage locations for delivery. The inventory kit is not a manufacturing tool, but a sales shortcut with several benefits. It:

Northwind Traders sells a wide range of individual food products from around the world. Each is stocked and sold individually as an inventory item with its own price. Three items could be entered on a cash receipt or sales invoice as below:

But Northwind has found it can sell more by also advertising the same three products as the “Cajun cuisine pack.” So it creates an inventory kit, offering the three items together, at a discount.

Create an inventory kit

Before an inventory kit can be created, all items in it must first be created as individual inventory items. Procedures are described in another Guide. Once all component inventory items have been created, the kit can be defined.

Go to the Settings tab and click Inventory Kits:

Complete the entry:

45 AM

Click Create to save the inventory kit. The completed definition is available for printing, emailing, or other purposes by clicking View. Inventory kits can also be cloned as the starting point for defining other inventory kits with similar, but not identical, components:

02 AM

No quantities on hand can be specified for inventory kits, because they do not exist as separate items in inventory.

Using an inventory kit

Once a kit has been defined, it is used exactly like an inventory item on sales-related transaction forms. But it never has to be counted, because no actual separate stock exists. Only components are managed as physical inventory.

Northwind sells the inventory kit illustrated above, saving time and ensuring pricing accuracy:

An inventory kit does not appear on the Inventory Quantity Movement or Inventory Value Movement reports. But its sale contributes to those reports through component items. In the case of the Inventory Value Movement report, component costs defined for the inventory items are used. Sale price of the kit has no effect on that report.



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