Organize attachments with folders

Transactions in Manager can be supported and documented with digital attachments. These can include:

Normally, the attachment is made to the specific transaction to which it relates. But sometimes, attachments do not apply to individual transactions, but to entire projects or accounting periods. In these cases, organize attachments with folders.

Create a folder

Below the left navigation pane, click Customize. Check the box for the Folders tab, then click Update:

In the Folders tab, click New Folder:

Enter a Description of the folder’s contents:

Click Create. The folder will be listed in the Folders tab:

Add an attachment

Click View to see contents of a particular folder. The folder will display much like any Manager transaction form. The display has no accounting function, but provides a way to add, list, and delete attachments consistent with other tabs in the program.

Add an attachment to the folder by either of two methods:

In the illustration below, two files have been included in the folder:

Attachments will be incorporated into the business’ data file, not stored separately for independent file management. The attachment will not be deleted from its original location. To view an attachment, click on its name while viewing the folder. To delete an attachment, click X after its name. Deleting an attachment from a folder only removes it from the business’ accounting database. It does not delete it from wherever else it may be stored.



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