Great software should work with little configuration and setup. Manager is designed to get you up and running and fully functional within minutes.

We work hard to make sure every release is in keeping with this philosophy. Have a look at some of the design principles that drive us when we design Manager.

First-class Support for Every Country

We understand the frustration users experience when they discover their software doesn’t work properly in their country. That’s why Manager has been designed to adapt to any country. Our software is being translated to multiple languages. It supports local tax codes, local date formats, local currency formats, country-specific tax reports and more. Accounting principles are universal and there is no reason why universal accounting software shouldn’t be suitable for all countries. We are more committed to delivering universal accounting software than any other accounting software developer in the world.

Convention over Configuration

We are developers and would love to create the most flexible software available, but flexibility comes at price. While users want flexible software, they don’t want to spend hours trying to understand how to configure everything before using their software. That’s why we work hard to come up with the best conventions that work for most people. That doesn’t mean we will leave you out if you have custom requirements or different preferences. You can always override any convention.

The Last Responsible Moment

Traditional accounting software requires you to enter opening balances, setup chart of accounts, configure tax variables, select when your financial year starts and so on before you can issue your first invoice or record a payment. This is not needed because accounting software doesn’t require all of these set up actions before you are able to simply issue an invoice. Manager doesn’t impose onerous set up before getting started. For example, Manager doesn’t need the financial year starting date until the financial year ends which can be a whole year after you start using the program. This greatly reduces the options to decide on and the actions to take before users are able to get started.

Striving for Simplicity

We’re never done with simplicity. We aim to make Manager easier to use with every upgrade. Our goal is to develop accounting software that is simple enough to use without a manual but provides guidance in case you have the slightest uncertainty anywhere within the program. We want everything to flow smoothly without any need for you to stop and think while using Manager.

Where We Are

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