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Access Tokens

Access Tokens Guide

In Manager.io, the Access Tokens feature enables secure API interactions, allowing external applications to connect and perform operations within your Manager.io system. This guide walks through creating and using an access token, perfect for automating tasks or building integrations.

Creating an Access Token

First, navigate to the Access Tokens section found under the Settings tab:

Access Tokens

To generate a new token:

  1. Click on the New Access Token button.
  2. The system will prompt you to name the token. Choose a name that helps you identify the purpose or the service that will use it.

Access TokensNew Access Token

Upon creation, you'll receive a unique token. This token acts as a key for API requests, granting the bearer access to the Manager.io API.

Using the Access Token

With the access token in hand, you can now explore the capabilities of the Manager.io API. Use the token in the Authorization header as a bearer token to authenticate your API requests.

For detailed API documentation and usage examples, please refer to the official API reference.

Remember to keep your access tokens secure, as they allow powerful access to your Manager.io environment. If a token is compromised or no longer needed, ensure to revoke it immediately in the Access Tokens settings.

Happy integrating!