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Managing Your Businesses in Manager.io

The Businesses tab is your hub in Manager.io, where you can access all your business entities. After launching the application, you'll land on this central screen, displaying your added businesses.

Select a business to work on by clicking on its name. To add a new business, click the Add Business button, then select Create New Business.

Add Business
Create New Business

Import Business

For step-by-step instructions, visit Create New Business.

Regular backups are critical to safeguard your data. The Desktop Edition requires manual backups, but the Cloud Edition includes automatic backup, with the option for manual backups as well.

Learn how to backup your data at Backup.

To remove a business, simply click the Remove Business button.

Remove Business

For detailed guidance, go to Remove Business.

Import an existing business by clicking Add Business followed by Import Business.

For importing details, see Import Business.

Over time, your accounting data file may expand. You can reduce the file size by clicking on the size indicator next to a business on the Businesses screen.

For compaction techniques, refer to Vacuum.

In the Desktop Edition, data is stored in a default folder, but you can move it to a synchronized directory like Dropbox or Google Drive for added backup security. To change the folder, click Change Folder.

For folder change instructions, visit Change Folder.

Cloud Edition or Server Edition users with Administrator rights can see all businesses, while other users see only what the Administrator assigns. Manage user access in the Users tab.

For managing user access, check Users.