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Inventory Items

Managing Inventory Items in Manager.io

Inventory Items

The Inventory Items tab allows you to manage your stock effectively, covering quantities on hand, average cost, and total inventory value.

Creating a New Inventory Item

To add a new inventory item, click on the New Inventory Item button.

Inventory ItemsNew Inventory Item

For detailed instructions, visit InventoryItemForm.

Understanding Inventory Item Columns

  • Item Code: Display the item code by enabling this column through the Edit columns button. Each code corresponds to the one defined for your inventory items.

  • Item Name: View the names of your inventory items.

  • Control Account: Check which control account an inventory item belongs to. By default, it's the Inventory on hand account, but you can set custom accounts. Enable this column as required via Edit columns. For more on this topic, see Control Accounts - Inventory Items.

  • Division: If using divisional accounting, this shows the division assigned to each inventory item. The Division column can be shown through Edit columns. More information can be found at Divisions.

  • Description: Read the descriptions ascribed to each inventory item.

  • Qty on Hand: Examine the physical count of inventory items, which reflects actual item movements due to delivery notes and goods receipts. Enable via Edit columns.

  • Qty to Deliver: Review the total quantity from open Sales Orders pending delivery. Enable via Edit columns.

  • Qty Available: Calculate the stock physically available by enabling this column. It is the Qty on Hand minus the Qty to Deliver.

  • Qty to Receive: View the total quantity expected from open Purchase Orders. Enable via Edit columns.

  • Qty to be Available: Get a forecast of stock levels by summing Qty Available and Qty to Receive. Enable via Edit columns.

  • Average Cost: Show the average cost per unit by enabling this column. It's calculated as Total Cost divided by Qty Owned.

  • Total Cost: Enable this column to view the total cost value of your owned inventory. Enable via Edit columns.

Customize your inventory list view by selecting which columns to display using the Edit columns button, tailoring the information to meet your management needs.