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September 2022
26 Sep 2022Added ability to create custom fields under "Projects" tab (see topic)22.9.26
01 Sep 2022Improved "Amount in words" function so the currency names are also shown (see topic)22.9.1
01 Sep 2022Added support for additional languages when displaying amounts in written words (see topic)22.9.1
August 2022
30 Aug 2022Added ability to create custom control accounts for investments (see topic)22.8.30
28 Aug 2022Added "Autofill - Sales - Division" field to inventory and non-inventory items (see topic)22.8.28
23 Aug 2022Added ability to create recurring sales and purchase orders (see topic)22.8.23
23 Aug 2022Added ability to import bank statements in CAMT.053 format (see topic)22.8.23
23 Aug 2022Added ability to create recurring sales quotes (see topic)22.8.23
22 Aug 2022Removed "Form Defaults" from "Settings" tab and added "Form Defaults" button to functional tabs instead (see topic)22.8.22
22 Aug 2022Improved "Settings" screen so unused modules are shown in separate section (see topic)22.8.22
21 Aug 2022Added ability to create recurring receipts and payments (see topic)22.8.21
20 Aug 2022Added "Copy to" button to journal entry view screen (see topic)22.8.20
20 Aug 2022Added ability to create custom fields on lines within "Inventory Transfers" transaction (see topic)22.8.20
19 Aug 2022Added ability to create multiple value custom fields (see topic)22.8.19
17 Aug 2022Added ability to create new custom field as a checkbox (see topic)22.8.17
17 Aug 2022Added ability to create "Recurring Inter Account Transfers" (see topic)22.8.17
16 Aug 2022Added ability to have custom field type on individual lines within transactions (see topic)22.8.16
15 Aug 2022Added ability to set default hourly rate for billable time on customer level (see topic)22.8.15
12 Aug 2022Added ability to create custom fields in receipts and payments on individual lines (see topic)22.8.12
12 Aug 2022Improved billable time so custom fields captured on billable time flow to sales invoice lines (see topic)22.8.12
12 Aug 2022Added ability for custom fields on individual lines to copy across transaction types when using "Copy to" function (see topic)22.8.12
10 Aug 2022Added option to SMTP server settings to support international delivery format (see topic)22.8.10
10 Aug 2022Added support for "Footers" in payments, receipts, inter-account transfers, payslips and journal entries (see topic)22.8.10
09 Aug 2022Moved "Themes" under "Obsolete Features" but themes will continue to be working like before (see topic)22.8.9
08 Aug 2022Added "Can have pending transactions" checkbox for "Bank and Cash Accounts" tab (see topic)22.8.8
06 Aug 2022Reorganized "Settings" tab (see topic)22.8.6
July 2022
31 Jul 2022Added ability to clone lines on "Edit" screens (see topic)22.7.31
30 Jul 2022Added ability to show line numbers on printed documents for Goods Receipts, Delivery Notes, Payments, Receipts and Credit/Debit Notes (see topic)22.7.30
27 Jul 2022Added "Footers" screen to "Settings" tab which allows to set pre-defined content that can be appended to printed documents (see topic)22.7.27
25 Jul 2022Added ability to add "Line number" column to invoices, orders and quotes (see topic)22.7.24
24 Jul 2022Added ability to configure autofill line descriptions for custom accounts within Chart of Accounts (see topic)22.7.24
19 Jul 2022Added notice to user interface when obscure mode is enabled (see topic)22.7.19
15 Jul 2022Added "Groups to Collapse" option to "Summary" screen (see topic)22.7.15
13 Jul 2022Added ability to mark foreign currencies as inactive (see topic)22.7.13
12 Jul 2022Added search function on list of businesses screen (see topic)22.7.12
12 Jul 2022If appropriate, show account codes on printed documents along with account names (see topic)22.7.12
12 Jul 2022Added "Withholding tax" option to purchase/sales quotes & orders (see topic)22.7.12
11 Jul 2022Make it optional whether to show tax amount column on printed documents (see topic)22.7.11
10 Jul 2022Added ability to hide "Balance due" when viewing sales and purchase invoices (see topic)22.7.10
10 Jul 2022 When copying to new sales invoice, autofill default customer due date (see topic)22.7.10
05 Jul 2022Added ability to specify whether item name should show on printed documents (see topic)22.7.5
04 Jul 2022Added ability to show tax amounts on invoices for individual line items (see topic)22.7.4
04 Jul 2022Make invoice and order numbers show on Goods Receipts if linked (see topic)22.7.4
04 Jul 2022Added ability to enter discounts on receipts and payments (see topic)22.7.4
01 Jul 2022Added "Qty" column total when viewing delivery note or goods receipt (see topic)22.7.1
01 Jul 2022Added ability to use SMTP servers with self-signed TLS certificates to send emails (see topic)22.7.1
June 2022
20 Jun 2022Added "Net Sales" column to "Taxable Sales Per Customer" report (see topic)22.6.20
12 Jun 2022New receipts, payments and inter-account transfers have cleared status set on the same date by default (see topic)22.6.12
09 Jun 2022Added ability to show custom field at the top of printed documents (see topic)22.6.9
08 Jun 2022To avoid duplicate cost issue, project on purchase invoice can be now selected only if it's not linked to purchase order (see topic)22.6.8
08 Jun 2022Added ability to set default due date on customer form for sales invoices (see topic)22.6.8
07 Jun 2022Added "Default tax code" checkbox when setting up accounts in Chart of Accounts (see topic)22.6.7
04 Jun 2022Added cost amount column to "Inventory Write-off" views (see topic)22.6.4
03 Jun 2022Show expense account names on depreciation and amortization views (see topic)22.6.3
02 Jun 2022Added ability to include amount rule within payment and receipt rules (see topic)22.6.2
01 Jun 2022Added ability to mark custom control accounts inactive (see topic)22.6.1
April 2022
29 Apr 2022Improved "Purchase Invoice" tab so supplier code shows if available (see topic)22.3.10
24 Apr 2022Added invoice issue date when viewing "Aged Receivables" or "Aged Payables" reports (see topic)22.3.9
22 Apr 2022Added "Copy to" button to inventory transfers (see topic)22.3.7
21 Apr 2022Improved performance of "Bank Reconciliations" tab (see topic)22.3.6
21 Apr 2022Improved Chart of Accounts so "Withholding tax payable" account can be renamed and moved around (see topic)22.3.5
March 2022
15 Mar 2022Added ability to filter by object type on "History" screen (see topic)22.1.91
February 2022
10 Feb 2022Added ability to copy forecast P&L to budget P&L (see topic)22.1.27
07 Feb 2022Added "Forecast Profit & Loss Statement" (see topic)22.1.22
03 Feb 2022Added "Cancelled" checkbox to sales and purchase orders (see topic)22.1.18
02 Feb 2022Added "Investments" tab (see topic)22.1.15
January 2022
24 Jan 2022Implemented automatic reference numbers for batch create operations (see topic)22.1.12
23 Jan 2022Improved "Print" button so more appropriate filename is proposed by default (see topic)22.1.11
21 Jan 2022Added ability to "Copy to" new billable time (see topic)22.1.10
20 Jan 2022Added custom title option for purchase quotes (see topic)22.1.9
19 Jan 2022Added "Daily" interval option to recurring transactions (see topic)22.1.8
18 Jan 2022Added ability to define description column on receipt and payment rules (see topic)22.1.7
17 Jan 2022Added ability to close invoices that are paid in full (see topic)22.1.6
03 Jan 2022Added ability to generate bilingual invoices (see topic)22.1.1
December 2021
25 Dec 2021Make number of rows counter always visible (see topic)21.11.95
24 Dec 2021Added ability to "Batch Create" and "Batch Update" country-specific custom fields (see topic)21.11.93
20 Dec 2021Added ability to select items (including inventory items) on receipt/payment rules (see topic)21.11.83
19 Dec 2021Improved cash flow statement so custom groups can be assigned to accounts receivable, accounts payable and special accounts (see topic)21.11.81
18 Dec 2021Invoice totals under "Sales Invoices" and "Purchase Invoices" to show total before withholding tax deduction (see topic)21.11.79
17 Dec 2021Added "Fixed Total" field to receipts and payments to enforce transaction total (see topic)21.11.77
16 Dec 2021Make "Qty" and "Unit Price" columns on payments and receipts hidden by default (see topic)21.11.74
15 Dec 2021Make inventory location show on printed delivery notes and goods receipts (see topic)21.11.71
13 Dec 2021Show customer codes (if applicable) under "Recurring Sales Invoices" and "Late Payment Fees" tabs (see topic)21.11.70
12 Dec 2021Added optional "Reference" field to depreciation and amortization entries (see topic)21.11.69
11 Dec 2021When viewing bank or cash transactions, show account for inter account transfers (see topic)21.11.68
10 Dec 2021Added ability to create divisional "Tax Summary" report (see topic)21.11.67
09 Dec 2021Removed generic "Business Identifier" field from Customer form (see topic)21.11.66
09 Dec 2021Added ability to create custom fields for special accounts (see topic)21.11.65
08 Dec 2021Added "Legacy Features" section under "Settings" tab (see topic)21.11.64
November 2021
07 Nov 2021Added ability to prepare divisional "Trial Balance" report (see topic)21.11.1
October 2021
11 Oct 2021Automatically remove leading and trailing spaces from user input (see topic)21.10.13
04 Oct 2021Added ability to track "Qty to receive", "Invoiced" amount and status column under "Purchase Orders" tab (see topic)21.10.3
03 Oct 2021Added "Status" column to "Purchase Quotes" tab (see topic)21.10.1
September 2021
29 Sep 2021Added "Status" column to "Sales Orders" tab (see topic)21.9.31
28 Sep 2021Added "Projects" tab to facilitate project-based accounting (see topic)21.9.28
07 Sep 2021When copying to new invoices or sales quotes, do not copy due dates or "Cancelled" status (see topic)21.9.14
06 Sep 2021Improved lock date function so transactions before lock date can be updated if the changes do not impact ledger (see topic)21.9.11
06 Sep 2021Added "Amount" column when viewing recurring sales and purchase invoices (see topic)21.9.9
04 Sep 2021Added ability to set custom fields for intangible assets (see topic)21.9.8
04 Sep 2021Added ability to specify "Reply-to" address under "Email Settings" (see topic)21.9.7
03 Sep 2021Added ability to toggle blur on figures (see topic)21.9.2
02 Sep 2021Added ability to show custom fields as columns under "Withholding Tax Receipts" tab (see topic)21.9.1
August 2021
27 Aug 2021Added ability to batch view reports (see topic)21.8.58
13 Aug 2021Added ability to track whether email sent from Manager has been viewed (see topic)21.8.33
July 2021
11 Jul 2021Added ability to set withholding tax rate or amount on purchase invoices (see topic)21.7.9
05 Jul 2021Added "Cash Flow Statement Groups" (see topic)21.6.77
05 Jul 2021Added ability to copy payslip to new payslip (see topic)21.6.75
05 Jul 2021Division can be set when entering transaction for retained earnings (see topic)21.6.74
01 Jul 2021Added ability to set "Cash Flow Statement" category for control special account (see topic)21.6.61
June 2021
17 Jun 2021"Tracking Codes" renamed to "Divisions" (see topic)21.6.32
17 Jun 2021Added ability to view divisional aged receivables / payables reports (see topic)21.6.29
17 Jun 2021Added ability to create divisional balance sheet (see topic)21.6.27
06 Jun 2021Report "Profit & Loss Statement (Actual vs Budget)" can be prepared on cash-basis too (see topic)21.6.3
05 Jun 2021Added customer portal (see topic)21.6.0
03 Jun 2021Receipt rules and payment rules can have multiple conditions for more flexible matching (see topic)21.5.50
02 Jun 2021When using groups to collapse on reports, clicking on collapsed group will show sub-report (see topic)21.5.47
01 Jun 2021Added ability to "Copy to" payments to receipts and vice versa (see topic)21.5.44
May 2021
31 May 2021Added ability to define split receipts and payments in bank rules (see topic)21.5.40
28 May 2021Improved "Copy to" function so it's possible to copy between all sales & purchase transactions (see topic)21.5.36
22 May 2021Added ability to link payslip deduction items with P&L accounts as well (see topic)21.5.28
21 May 2021Added ability to generate "Inventory Quantity by Location" report for specific inventory locations (see topic)21.5.24
20 May 2021Added ability to view history for individual view screen (see topic)21.5.18
06 May 2021Added ability to track quantity to deliver on sales orders (see topic)21.4.86
April 2021
29 Apr 2021Added ability to set custom title for delivery notes (see topic)21.4.60
29 Apr 2021Added ability to turn on/off "Qty to receive" and "Qty to deliver" per inventory item (see topic)21.4.58
28 Apr 2021Added automatic "Status" column under "Sales Quotes" tab (see topic)21.4.49
27 Apr 2021Added ability to link sales order to sales invoice (see topic)21.4.45
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