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May 2019
25 May 2019 Added instructions on VAT Calculation Worksheet how to lodge using MTD for UK (see topic) 19.5.49
24 May 2019 Added 'Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)' for Australia (see topic) 19.5.46
23 May 2019 Changed 'Inventory Quantity Movement' report so it includes inventory items with no movement as well (see topic) 19.5.41
22 May 2019 Added 'PAYG payment summary - individual non-business' for Australia (see topic) 19.5.39
01 May 2019 Fixed crashing issue so it's possible to open link in new window on Mac (see topic) 19.5.4
April 2019
29 Apr 2019 Prevent 'Reference' field from being copied when cloning transactions (see topic) 19.2.95
29 Apr 2019 Fixed calculation issue in number fields (see topic) 19.2.94
27 Apr 2019 Fixed foreign exchange gains (losses) report where it couldn't be shown in some cases (see topic) 19.2.89
27 Apr 2019 Fixed description issue on inventory transfers (see topic) 19.2.88
11 Apr 2019 Added ability to hide due date on sales invoices (see topic) 19.2.83
11 Apr 2019 Fixed CSV importing issue (see topic) 19.2.81
08 Apr 2019 Fixed business address spacing issue on custom themes (see topic) 19.2.78
08 Apr 2019 Fixed importing of .ofx files when number format used in the file not consistent with number format set under 'Preferences' (see topic) 19.2.76
07 Apr 2019 Cloning function is made consistent across the entire program (see topic) 19.2.74
March 2019
29 Mar 2019 Fixed late payment fee issue where amount would be posted to 'Suspense' account (see topic) 19.2.66
29 Mar 2019 Added GST 10% (CAPEX) tax code for Australia (see topic) 19.2.64
14 Mar 2019 Remove default zero in amount fields when entering new transactions (see topic) 19.2.47
12 Mar 2019 Added ability to clone custom reports (see topic) 19.2.44
06 Mar 2019 Added 'Description' column to 'Inter Account Transfers' tab (see topic) 19.2.31
03 Mar 2019 Fixed 'Find & Recode' screen so it supports multiple keywords when searching (see topic) 19.2.25
February 2019
28 Feb 2019 Fixed foreign gains (losses) issue where report wasn't consistent with general ledger entries (see topic) 19.2.22
24 Feb 2019 Added RTGS Dollar for Zimbabwe (see topic) 19.2.17
19 Feb 2019 Fixed calculation issue on 'Tax Summary' report for reverse charged tax codes (see topic) 19.2.11
19 Feb 2019 Fixed currency symbol issue when importing bank statements (see topic) 19.2.10
19 Feb 2019 When importing bank statements, apply automatic reference if set in form defaults (see topic) 19.2.9
14 Feb 2019 Added 'does not contain' operator to custom reports (see topic) 19.2.0
January 2019
23 Jan 2019 Improved PDF file naming so the document name and reference is appended first (see topic) 19.1.24
20 Jan 2019 Fixed 'Create and add another' button when creating payment or receipt from invoice (see topic) 19.1.23
18 Jan 2019 Fixed PDF generator issue using API (see topic) 19.1.21
18 Jan 2019 Fix Trial Balance issue when trying to export to PDF (see topic) 19.1.20
18 Jan 2019 Fixed reference number sorting under 'Cash Accounts' tab (see topic) 19.1.19
17 Jan 2019 Fixed automatic credit allocation issue when handling refunds (see topic) 19.1.18
12 Jan 2019 Added VAT tax codes for Bahrain (see topic) 19.1.8
12 Jan 2019 Added ability to filter items by 'Inactive' field on custom reports (see topic) 19.1.7
11 Jan 2019 Fixed inventory transfers so non-inventory items cannot be selected (see topic) 19.1.5
11 Jan 2019 Fixed 'New Receipt' button issue on sales invoices (see topic) 19.1.4
08 Jan 2019 Fixed reference number issue on payslips (see topic) 19.1.1
08 Jan 2019 Changed implementation of late payment fees (see topic) 19.1.0
November 2018
29 Nov 2018 Fixed reference numbers on invoices when generating from uninvoiced billable time or expenses (see topic) 18.11.57
19 Nov 2018 Added option to sales invoices to display total amount in words if using the program in English language (see topic) 18.11.38
15 Nov 2018 Added ability to set first day of week under 'Preferences' tab (see topic) 18.11.29
13 Nov 2018 Added ability to do batch operations on bank rules (see topic) 18.11.26
10 Nov 2018 Added ability to set starting balances for one or more inventory locations using batch operations (see topic) 18.11.13
04 Nov 2018 Added ability to generate 'General Ledger Transactions' report for single account only (see topic) 18.11.6
03 Nov 2018 Added closing balances for each account to 'General Ledger Transactions' report (see topic) 18.11.1
October 2018
20 Oct 2018 Added ability to 'General Ledger Transactions' report to show opening balances (see topic) 18.10.78
16 Oct 2018 Added ability to set automatic reference numbers for purchase invoices, debit notes and sales orders (see topic) 18.10.70
15 Oct 2018 Added 'Copy to clipboard' button to all reports (see topic) 18.10.68
15 Oct 2018 Added optional reference number field to payslips (see topic) 18.10.67
13 Oct 2018 Added ability to set 'Summary' tab to exclude zero balances (see topic) 18.10.55
07 Oct 2018 Fixed compatibility issue with macOS Mojave (see topic) 18.10.29
06 Oct 2018 Fixed 'Inventory Profit Margin' report by excluding sales of inventory kits (see topic) 18.10.25
September 2018
26 Sep 2018 When multitasking between programs, ensure active field stays active (see topic) 18.9.99
24 Sep 2018 Added built-in calculator to all number fields (see topic) 18.9.91
23 Sep 2018 Fixed multiline description field issue on line items (see topic) 18.9.86
19 Sep 2018 Improved custom reports (added visual query builder & greater scope) (see topic) 18.9.60
15 Sep 2018 Added ability to use custom fonts in custom themes when generating PDF (see topic) 18.9.52
10 Sep 2018 Fixed receipt or payment view so retained earnings account name is shown if used (see topic) 18.9.34
10 Sep 2018 Improved 'Businesses' screen so clicking on database size will repack it into a minimal amount of disk space 18.9.32
10 Sep 2018 Added ability to add custom fields to inventory kits 18.9.30
08 Sep 2018 Added ability to use arithmetic operations on cells when using custom themes (see topic) 18.9.26
08 Sep 2018 Fixed unit name issue when creating or updating inventory items (see topic) 18.9.25
02 Sep 2018 Fixed custom field date formatting so the time is not added to the output (see topic) 18.9.1
August 2018
27 Aug 2018 Fixed PDF generator issue on Mac OS X (see topic) 18.8.69
27 Aug 2018 Fixed issue with columns not being visible if they contained no text (see topic) 18.8.65
26 Aug 2018 Added ability to set 'Form Defaults' for all tabs (see topic) 18.8.62
26 Aug 2018 Fixed freight-in posting account so it doesn't disappear from edit screen (see topic) 18.8.60
26 Aug 2018 Merged 'Bank Transactions' and 'Cash Transactions' tab into unified 'Receipts & Payments' tab (see topic) 18.8.59
22 Aug 2018 Improved layout of customer and supplier statements (see topic) 18.8.19
20 Aug 2018 Added ability to clone inventory transfers 18.8.14
19 Aug 2018 Added 'Import Bank Statement' button under 'Bank Accounts' tab when clicking on 'Statement balance' figure (see topic) 18.8.13
19 Aug 2018 Fixed custom field number-type issue which prevented numbers from being cleared (see topic) 18.8.12
17 Aug 2018 Added ability to enter multiple lines of text into line item custom fields (see topic) 18.8.10
17 Aug 2018 Added ability to set due date as number of days since issue date on purchase invoices (see topic) 18.8.9
17 Aug 2018 Improved bank statement import so transaction type from OFX file will be imported as well (see topic) 18.8.8
17 Aug 2018 Added ability to copy unpaid invoices from supplier statement to bank or cash transaction (see topic) 18.8.6
17 Aug 2018 Added ability to generate PDF documents using API (see topic) 18.8.5
16 Aug 2018 Fixed custom field positioning issue on line items (see topic) 18.8.2
15 Aug 2018 Added ability to set custom title on 'Sales Invoices' (see topic) 18.8.1
July 2018
29 Jul 2018 Added ability to create custom field as 'Number' (see topic) 18.7.64
29 Jul 2018 Added ability to create bank rules for 'Billable Expenses' (see topic) 18.7.61
28 Jul 2018 Added ability to show custom fields defined on bank/cash account level to show on related transactions (see topic) 18.7.60
28 Jul 2018 Financial reports to show accounts with zero balances by default, use 'Exclude zero balances' option to hide them (see topic) 18.7.59
28 Jul 2018 Fixed mini-statement issue on invoices when payment for invoice is reversed (see topic) 18.7.55
23 Jul 2018 When business logo is uploaded, hide ability to upload new logo until old one is deleted (see topic) 18.7.43
23 Jul 2018 Added 'Termination' column to recurring sales and purchase invoices where applicable (see topic) 18.7.42
22 Jul 2018 Added ability to set custom theme on inventory write-offs (see topic) 18.7.40
22 Jul 2018 Improved journal entry view so account codes are shown where applicable (see topic) 18.7.39
22 Jul 2018 Added ability to create custom control accounts for capital accounts (see topic) 18.7.38
22 Jul 2018 Added ability to create custom fields for capital accounts (see topic) 18.7.37
14 Jul 2018 Added ability to set custom income account for inventory kits (see topic) 18.7.32
14 Jul 2018 Fixed custom field defaults when using 'Copy To' function (see topic) 18.7.31
14 Jul 2018 Added reference numbers to 'General Ledger Transactions' report (see topic) 18.7.30
14 Jul 2018 Added ability to set custom fields inactive (see topic) 18.7.28
14 Jul 2018 Added ability to set starting balances of inventory items for each inventory location (see topic) 18.7.27
13 Jul 2018 Added 'Item Code' to 'Inventory Quantity by Location' report (see topic) 18.7.26
13 Jul 2018 Added ability to set early payment discount on recurring sales invoices (see topic) 18.7.25
13 Jul 2018 Added ability to set end date for recurring sales and purchase invoices (see topic) 18.7.24
11 Jul 2018 Added ability to create bank rules for payroll liabilities and retained earnings (see topic) 18.7.21
10 Jul 2018 Added page number to reports when generating PDF (see topic) 18.7.20
10 Jul 2018 Added optional description field to payslips (see topic) 18.7.18
10 Jul 2018 Fixed payslip item issue which occured when linked expense or liability account was deleted from Chart of Accounts (see topic) 18.7.17
10 Jul 2018 Fixed account naming issue under 'Payslip Items' (see topic) 18.7.14
June 2018
30 Jun 2018 Added ability to view, print and clone billable time (see topic) 18.5.99
29 Jun 2018 Added ability to login on multiple devices with the same username simultaneously (see topic) 18.5.96
29 Jun 2018 Added ability to do batch create and batch update on tracking codes (see topic) 18.5.95
24 Jun 2018 Added support for page numbers when generating PDF invoices and other documents (see topic) 18.5.85
24 Jun 2018 Fixed reports so it shows business name from business details if defined (see topic) 18.5.81
23 Jun 2018 Fixed 'Aged Receivables' and 'Aged Payables' reports so customers/suppliers with negative balances are shown too (see topic) 18.5.79
23 Jun 2018 Added asset name to depreciation and amortization entries (see topic) 18.5.78
23 Jun 2018 Show credit note description on customer statements if applicable (see topic) 18.5.77
23 Jun 2018 Added autocomplete functionality for 'Unit Name' field when creating or updating inventory items (see topic) 18.5.75
23 Jun 2018 Added ability to set 'Special Accounts' and 'Capital Accounts' inactive (see topic) 18.5.74
23 Jun 2018 Fixed 'Purchase Invoices' tab so 'PO#' column doesn't show if not used (see topic) 18.5.73
23 Jun 2018 Added indicator to show there are recurring transactions pending to be created (see topic) 18.5.72
23 Jun 2018 Added ability to search using multiple keywords (see topic) 18.5.71
23 Jun 2018 Added 'Batch Delete' button to every screen which contains a table (see topic) 18.5.70
22 Jun 2018 Added 'Bank Account Summary' and 'Cash Account Summary' reports (see topic) 18.5.68
22 Jun 2018 Added ability to create reverse charge tax codes (see topic) 18.5.66
16 Jun 2018 Added 'Finished Item', 'Qty' and 'Location' columns to 'Production Orders' tab (see topic) 18.5.54
15 Jun 2018 When using PDF button, generate user-friendly document name (see topic) 18.5.53
15 Jun 2018 Fixed issue when description wouldn't carry when copying to new purchase order or invoice (see topic) 18.5.49
15 Jun 2018 Fixed invoice count under 'Customers' and 'Suppliers' tabs (see topic) 18.5.48
May 2018
31 May 2018 Fixed issue where invoice could be deleted even if it had payment allocated to it (see topic) 18.5.35
25 May 2018 Fixed visibility of accounting method option so it doesn't show if the business contains no invoices (see topic) 18.5.28
25 May 2018 Improved bank reconciliation (see topic) 18.5.26
22 May 2018 Fixed page issue when drilling down into transactions from 'Summary' screen (see topic) 18.5.13
22 May 2018 Fixed custom field date issue when the day is 31st of the month (see topic) 18.5.11
22 May 2018 Fixed PDF generation issue when br tag is used within bold text (see topic) 18.5.10
14 May 2018 Added ability to attach files to emails (see topic) 18.4.99
13 May 2018 Fixed control account names if renamed in Chart of Accounts (see topic) 18.4.96
13 May 2018 Fixed Devanagari font issue when generating PDF (see topic) 18.4.94
10 May 2018 Fixed inventory write-offs so reference numbers and 'View' button shows on transaction lists (see topic) 18.4.88
09 May 2018 Fixed issue with last reconciliation date under 'Bank Accounts' showing incorrectly (see topic) 18.4.82
09 May 2018 Added ability to drill-down into transactions under 'Capital Accounts' tab 18.4.73
07 May 2018 Added account code (if used) to journal entry view screen (see topic) 18.4.67
07 May 2018 Fixed reference numbers on production orders so they are shown on transaction lists (see topic) 18.4.66
06 May 2018 Improved importing of QIF files so it supports ISO date format 18.4.59
06 May 2018 Added breadcrumbs to streamline navigation (see topic) 18.4.57
04 May 2018 Fixed issue on invoice mini-statement so it doesn't show lines with zero amount (see topic) 18.4.53
03 May 2018 Added ability to set form defaults for customers, suppliers and employees (see topic) 18.4.50
03 May 2018 Added ability to set date on customer and supplier statements to 'Today' instead of manually specifying it 18.4.48
April 2018
30 Apr 2018 Added 'Starting Balances' section under 'Settings' tab 18.4.39
17 Apr 2018 Fixed issue when custom theme is deleted, show default theme instead on documents which were using it (see topic) 18.4.28
17 Apr 2018 Fixed issue with early payment discounts when unrelated credit note is issued (see topic) 18.4.27
15 Apr 2018 Make invoice title 'Tax Invoice' when using GST tax code in Singapore 18.4.25
14 Apr 2018 Fixed 'Debit Notes' tab so it shows custom fields in the list (see topic) 18.4.22
14 Apr 2018 Fixed 'Aged Receivables' and 'Aged Payables' reports to show figures in correct format when drilling-down (see topic) 18.4.21
14 Apr 2018 When creating invoices and credit/debit notes, all fields are now shown upfront 18.4.20
11 Apr 2018 Fixed visibility issue of custom fields on line items (see topic) 18.4.14
11 Apr 2018 Fixed incorrect count of transactions when viewing customer/supplier statements (see topic) 18.4.13
10 Apr 2018 Fixed form defaults for 'Inter-account Transfers' (see topic) 18.4.12
10 Apr 2018 Fixed rounding issue on 'Inventory Profit Margin' report (see topic) 18.4.11
10 Apr 2018 Fixed 'Balance due' on sales invoices if withholding tax is used (see topic) 18.4.10
09 Apr 2018 Sri Lankan Rupee symbol changed from 'LKR' to 'Rs.' 18.4.7
02 Apr 2018 Fixed dropdown issue on custom fields to prevent duplicates (see topic) 18.3.46
March 2018
28 Mar 2018 Show invoice number on credit notes if applicable 18.3.35
28 Mar 2018 Fixed report export when row contained a cell with no amount (see topic) 18.3.34
27 Mar 2018 Added mini-statement when viewing invoices instead of showing 'Amount credited' (see topic) 18.3.32
24 Mar 2018 Added ability to copy purchase invoice into debit note 18.3.28
24 Mar 2018 Added 'Description' column under 'Debit Notes' tab if used 18.3.27
23 Mar 2018 Added new tax codes (8%, 10%) for Japan (see topic) 18.3.24
22 Mar 2018 Added automatic reference numbers to inventory write-offs (see topic) 18.3.23
22 Mar 2018 Added VAT 0% and VAT Exempt tax codes for Saudi Arabia (see topic) 18.3.22
22 Mar 2018 Added 'Description' column under 'Credit Notes' tab if used 18.3.21
19 Mar 2018 Fixed QFX import issue where XML tags are not properly closed (see topic) 18.3.13
19 Mar 2018 Added 'Qty to invoice' column to 'Customers' tab to see delivered items without invoice (see topic) 18.3.12
18 Mar 2018 Added ability to rename 'Profit & Loss Statement (Actual vs Budget)' report (see topic) 18.3.9
18 Mar 2018 Added ability to set up 'Early Payment Discount' on sales invoices (see topic) 18.3.8
13 Mar 2018 Fixed issue with custom fields when converting bank account into cash account and vice versa (see topic) 18.3.2
13 Mar 2018 When creating new reports, leave 'From' field blank rather than auto-filling with the start date (see topic) 18.3.1
04 Mar 2018 Fixed date issue when trying to update existing exchange rates (see topic) 18.1.95
03 Mar 2018 Fixed custom fields so they are not shown on supplier statements twice (see topic) 18.1.94
03 Mar 2018 Fixed sorting by reference for relevant tabs (see topic) 18.1.93
February 2018
24 Feb 2018 Fixed invoice title on invoices issued from Lithuania (see topic) 18.1.87
24 Feb 2018 Added VAT 15% tax code for South Africa 18.1.86
22 Feb 2018 Rename 'Receipt / Payment' to 'Bank receipt / payment' or 'Cash receipt / payment' (see topic) 18.1.84
22 Feb 2018 Added ability to copy goods receipts to purchase invoices (see topic) 18.1.83
22 Feb 2018 Added 'Delivery address' field to customers if 'Delivery Notes' tab is enabled (see topic) 18.1.81
19 Feb 2018 Fixed 'View' button on expense claims when viewing account transactions (see topic) 18.1.76
19 Feb 2018 Added 'Total debits' and 'Total credits' totals when viewing list of transactions on customer or supplier statements (see topic) 18.1.75
19 Feb 2018 Added search box to 'Tracking Codes' screen (see topic) 18.1.74
13 Feb 2018 Improve date format detection on bank statement QIF import (see topic) 18.1.66
13 Feb 2018 Added ability to view and clone inventory write-offs (see topic) 18.1.65
12 Feb 2018 Fixed form defaults for cash and bank transactions so the option 'Amounts are tax inclusive' can be unchecked (see topic) 18.1.63
11 Feb 2018 Fixed credit note description issue (see topic) 18.1.61
11 Feb 2018 Fixed ability to set theme on customer and supplier statements (see topic) 18.1.60
06 Feb 2018 Added ability to set default bank/cash account for bank/cash transactions under 'Form Defaults' (see topic) 18.1.55
06 Feb 2018 Rename title of credit note to 'Tax Credit Note' if VAT tax code of United Arab Emirates is used 18.1.54
January 2018
31 Jan 2018 Fixed UK VAT report generation issue (see topic) 18.1.41
30 Jan 2018 Fixed Dutch VAT report generation issue (see topic) 18.1.39
30 Jan 2018 Fixed 'Copy to' function on customer statement when viewing historical customer statement (see topic) 18.1.34
30 Jan 2018 Make customer and supplier statements remember date or period preferences for more streamlined workflow 18.1.33
26 Jan 2018 Added ability to create recurring journal entries under 'Settings' tab 18.1.27
26 Jan 2018 Added in-built tax codes for individual emirates within United Arab Emirates (see topic) 18.1.26
26 Jan 2018 Automatically expand width of custom field based on options in dropdown (see topic) 18.1.25
21 Jan 2018 Added 'Custom Theme' checkbox to transactions (see topic) 18.1.11
21 Jan 2018 Added 'Form Defaults' under 'Settings' tab to be able to set default values for new transactions (see topic) 18.1.10
10 Jan 2018 Prevent inventory location from being deleted if it's already in use (see topic) 17.12.75
10 Jan 2018 Added 'TVA 11%' tax code for Lebanon (see topic) 17.12.73
07 Jan 2018 Fixed issue with discounts so they are not copied from sales to purchase documents (see topic) 17.12.69
07 Jan 2018 Fixed display of custom field on printed documents when it's a date (see topic) 17.12.68
December 2017
29 Dec 2017 Added 'CT 5%' tax code for Myanmar (see topic) 17.12.61
28 Dec 2017 Fixed totals under 'Sales Quotes' tab when amounts on quotes are tax exclusive (see topic) 17.12.52
28 Dec 2017 Added ability to inject custom field by name to themes (see topic) 17.12.51
26 Dec 2017 Fixed tracking code placeholder text on depreciation and amortization forms (see topic) 17.12.48
25 Dec 2017 Convert 'Notes' field on journal entries and payslips into custom field 17.12.46
24 Dec 2017 Fields 'Delivery Date', 'Delivery Address', 'Delivery Instructions' and 'Authorized by' on orders to be converted to custom fields 17.12.44
24 Dec 2017 'Notes' field on sales quotes, sales invoices, delivery notes and purchase invoices converted into custom field (see topic) 17.12.43
24 Dec 2017 Added ability to create custom field of a 'Date' type (see topic) 17.12.42
24 Dec 2017 Optional fields such as 'Telephone', 'Fax', 'Mobile', 'Notes' on customers, suppliers and employees have been converted into custom fields 17.12.41
23 Dec 2017 Fixed debit/credit amounts for accounts receivable and accounts payable on 'General Ledger Summary' report (see topic) 17.12.38
23 Dec 2017 When copying one document type into another, copy contents of custom fields if names are identical (see topic) 17.12.37
20 Dec 2017 Removed 'Notes' field from bank and cash transaction forms (if field is in use, it will be converted to a custom field) 17.12.30
20 Dec 2017 Improved the look how custom fields are presented on forms 17.12.29
18 Dec 2017 Fixed issue where custom fields on sales invoices didn't clone (see topic) 17.12.25
18 Dec 2017 Fixed layout issue where text would not fit allocated space (see topic) 17.12.24
18 Dec 2017 Fixed issue where 'Notes' field wasn't cloned on payments and receipts (see topic) 17.12.23
15 Dec 2017 Added themes from website as built-in themes (they will be marked as inactive by default) 17.12.17
13 Dec 2017 When importing bank statement in OFX format, for amounts assume number format as set under 'Preferences' tab 17.12.12
03 Dec 2017 Added 'Archived' checkbox to tax codes to make obsolete tax codes inactive (see topic) 17.12.2
November 2017
28 Nov 2017 Added ability to create recurring purchase invoices (see topic) 17.11.36
28 Nov 2017 Fixed autocomplete sorting for inventory items on forms where broken (see topic) 17.11.35
28 Nov 2017 Adjusted sorting of invoices under 'Purchase Invoices' tab so overpaid invoices show first for greater visiblity 17.11.32
22 Nov 2017 Fixed chart of accounts so that if group is allocated to itself, it will be shown under 'Uncategorized' (see topic) 17.11.26
22 Nov 2017 Fixed PDF generator so it doesn't break the words in the middle if there isn't enough space (see topic) 17.11.25
22 Nov 2017 Prevent custom fields from deleting if they are in use (see topic) 17.11.24
22 Nov 2017 Fixed customer statements so custom fields don't appear twice (see topic) 17.11.23
19 Nov 2017 Added ability to mark amounts on bank transactions and cash transaction as tax-exclusive (see topic) 17.11.20
17 Nov 2017 Fixed PDF generator issue when column names were too long (see topic) 17.11.16
17 Nov 2017 Added ability to clone inter account transfers (see topic) 17.11.15
17 Nov 2017 Added ability to create custom fields for 'Inter Account Transfers' tab (see topic) 17.11.14
17 Nov 2017 Added ability to hide total amount on sales quotes (see topic) 17.11.13
15 Nov 2017 Fixed 'Sales Invoice Totals by Customer' report so it doesn't include starting balances (see topic) 17.11.11
14 Nov 2017 Fixed inventory transfer view so item name is shown if description is empty (see topic) 17.11.7
13 Nov 2017 Added VAT 0% tax code for United Arab Emirates and make invoice title show 'Tax Invoice' if code used (see topic) 17.11.4
13 Nov 2017 Prevent ability to delete tracking code if it has been already used in one or more transactions (see topic) 17.11.3
13 Nov 2017 Show customer or supplier for delivery notes and goods receipts when drilling-down into qty figures (see topic) 17.11.2
13 Nov 2017 Fixed width of audit trail screen (see topic) 17.11.1
October 2017
30 Oct 2017 Added VAT 5% tax code for United Arab Emirates (see topic) 17.10.75
30 Oct 2017 Fixed starting balance issue for bank accounts and cash accounts (see topic) 17.10.74
29 Oct 2017 If using custom control accounts for inventory items, show 'Control Account' column under 'Inventory Items' tab (see topic) 17.10.72
29 Oct 2017 The item count on tabs in the left navigation not to include inactive items (see topic) 17.10.69
29 Oct 2017 When installing Manager on Windows, added ability to uncheck shortcut creation (see topic) 17.10.68
29 Oct 2017 Fixed issue when cash summary report was not visible if only 'Cash Accounts' tab was enabled (see topic) 17.10.67
26 Oct 2017 Added 'GST 0%' and 'GST Exempt' tax codes for New Zealand (see topic) 17.10.65
26 Oct 2017 Added ability to set withholding tax on recurring sales invoices (see topic) 17.10.63
26 Oct 2017 Fixed unit name issue on inventory kits so they show on invoices, quotes, orders and other documents (see topic) 17.10.62
25 Oct 2017 When drilling-down through figures under `Summary` tab, show running total as debit or credit balance 17.10.56
23 Oct 2017 When using Pakistan tax codes, automatically rename invoice title to 'Sales Tax Invoice' 17.10.51
20 Oct 2017 Added three new sales reports (see topic) 17.10.42
18 Oct 2017 Added new VAT tax code for users in Saudi Arabia (see topic) 17.10.38
18 Oct 2017 Added ability to create custom fields for 'Folders' tab (see topic) 17.10.37
12 Oct 2017 Fixed bank rule issue where some account names didn't show if they had a code (see topic) 17.10.30
12 Oct 2017 Added ability to create, update or delete exchange rates in batch (see topic) 17.10.29
10 Oct 2017 Added two new tax codes for Pakistan (see topic) 17.10.27
07 Oct 2017 Make bank rules compatible with custom control accounts (see topic) 17.10.24
04 Oct 2017 Fixed multi-currency issue where foreign exchange gains or losses could be posted incorrectly to suspense account (see topic) 17.10.20
04 Oct 2017 Added ability to 'reverse signs' on Capital Accounts Summary report (see topic) 17.10.18
04 Oct 2017 Fixed crashing issue when trying to generate recurring sales invoice which has interval set to zero (see topic) 17.10.16
02 Oct 2017 Added ability to set tracking codes on bank rules (see topic) 17.10.12
02 Oct 2017 Fixed bank statement importing issue when date column in CSV file contained unrecognized character (see topic) 17.10.11
02 Oct 2017 Added Uzbek language 17.10.10
02 Oct 2017 Fixed default custom fields not showing for bank and cash transactions (see topic) 17.10.9
September 2017
30 Sep 2017 Invoice to have 'Tax Invoice' title when using GST 6% tax code in Maldives (see topic) 17.10.6
28 Sep 2017 Fixed error message when attempting to open Manager file directly on Mac (see topic) 17.10.4
28 Sep 2017 Fixed issue where it wasn't possible to attach multiple files at once when using Mac (see topic) 17.10.2
27 Sep 2017 Added ability to open Manager files from anywhere without importing when using desktop edition (see topic) 17.10.0
25 Sep 2017 Added ability to create a budget for individual tracking codes 17.9.92
25 Sep 2017 Added ability to clone budgets 17.9.91
25 Sep 2017 Improved the look when viewing inventory kits 17.9.90
23 Sep 2017 Renamed 'Priority' field to 'Reference' field which is now automatically generated on 'Production Orders' 17.9.85
22 Sep 2017 Added tooltips when left navigation is collapsed (see topic) 17.9.83
22 Sep 2017 Reintroduced buttons 'Receive money' and 'Spend money' under 'Bank Accounts' and 'Cash Accounts' tabs when drilling-down to transaction list 17.9.81
22 Sep 2017 Fixed ambiguity issue when setting up date format on dates when day digit is the same as month digit (see topic) 17.9.80
21 Sep 2017 Reference numbers for journal entries, expense claims and inter-account transfers are now automatically generated 17.9.79
21 Sep 2017 Amount in words on invoices to show subdivision of Indian rupee (Indian paisa) 17.9.77
20 Sep 2017 Fixed 'Amount in words' on invoices for Rupees if amount is less than 100 17.9.76
19 Sep 2017 Added 'Payslip Earnings Summary' report to get totals for individual payslip earnings items by employee 17.9.71
14 Sep 2017 Added 'Convert' button to 'Bank Accounts' and 'Cash Accounts' tab to convert accounts from bank to cash and vice versa 17.9.64
06 Sep 2017 Fixed attachment issue where users with read-only access were able to upload or delete attachments (see topic) 17.9.38
06 Sep 2017 Fixed title on 'Tracking Exception Report' (see topic) 17.9.37
06 Sep 2017 Fixed layout issue when copying invoice to recurring invoice with billable expense (see topic) 17.9.33
06 Sep 2017 Hide 'Delete' button on billable expenses (see topic) 17.9.32
05 Sep 2017 Improved automatic credit allocations for invoices (see topic) 17.9.28
05 Sep 2017 If due date on invoice is not specified, assume due date is on the same date as issue date of the invoice 17.9.24
04 Sep 2017 When bank/cash account is not selected on bank/cash transaction, the transaction will be posted to 'Suspense' account instead of being ignored 17.9.22
August 2017
31 Aug 2017 Added 'Contact' column on 'Cash Transactions' and 'Bank Transactions' tabs 17.9.9
30 Aug 2017 Increased font size in the left navigation if language is set to Chinese for better readability 17.9.3
30 Aug 2017 Reference numbers on cash transactions are now automatically generated (see topic) 17.9.2
30 Aug 2017 Added 3 new tabs in relation to bank & cash accounts (see topic) 17.9.0
27 Aug 2017 Moved 'Budgets' from 'Settings' tab to 'Reports' tab 17.8.20
27 Aug 2017 Moved 'Bank Reconciliation' from 'Reports' tab to 'Bank Accounts' tab as a column 17.8.17
24 Aug 2017 Added 'Uncategorized' column to 'Bank Accounts' tab to see number of uncategorized transactions (if applicable) 17.8.12
24 Aug 2017 Renamed column 'Cleared balance' to 'Statement balance' under 'Bank Accounts' tab 17.8.10
23 Aug 2017 Added “Bank Accounts” tab (see topic) 17.8.3
16 Aug 2017 Removed batch operation buttons on exchange rates as this feature hasn't been implemented yet (see topic) 17.7.94
16 Aug 2017 Improved the look of the textbox which contains exported table or rows for batch update operation 17.7.90
16 Aug 2017 Fixed PayPal import so gross amount and fee amount are split correctly across both receipts and payments (see topic) 17.7.88
16 Aug 2017 Removed option to show custom field as a column for receipts and payments as this hasn't been implemented yet (see topic) 17.7.87
15 Aug 2017 Fixed issue when cash account is marked as inactive, not to show it as a choice for new transactions (see topic) 17.7.86
14 Aug 2017 When exporting reports, negative amounts to be prefixed with hyphen-minus instead of minus sign (see topic) 17.7.84
14 Aug 2017 Fixed inventory issue when delivering inventory kits (see topic) 17.7.82
08 Aug 2017 Gracefully handle date input when entering year with more than 4 digits 17.7.65
03 Aug 2017 Fixed bug when feeding spreadsheet with duplicate column names into batch update 17.7.57
02 Aug 2017 Added in-built tax codes for India (see topic) 17.7.55
01 Aug 2017 Improved 'Copy to' function so discounts are copied over too (see topic) 17.7.52
01 Aug 2017 Removed 'inactive' button and show inactive items at the bottom in gray instead (see topic) 17.7.50
01 Aug 2017 Fixed item name on goods receipts and added custom fields to line item (see topic) 17.7.49
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