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Is server edition compatible with desktop edition?

Yes. We maintain 100% compatibility between the free desktop edition and the server edition. You can transfer data between the server and desktop edition with ease.

What is the difference between desktop and server edition?

Desktop edition doesn't support multi-user access. If you need multiple users to access your accounting file at the same time, you need server edition.

If I run Manager on the server, can I use my iPad, iPhone or Android?

Yes. Unlike our desktop edition which only runs on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. The server edition enables access to Manager using the domain name of your choice with any web-browser like other online accounting systems.

Can I switch between operating systems without buying new license?

Yes. You can start on Windows server, then go for Linux. Your license will be valid on all operating systems.

Can you help me install server edition?

Sorry, we don't offer this service. If you get stuck, ask on our forum otherwise you can always sign up for cloud edition.

Do I have to pay for upgrades?

The license you purchase includes 12 months of upgrades. After that, you can purchase maintenance plan with 50% discount which will give you access to another 12 months.

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