Move application data to another folder (e. g., Dropbox)

When you use the desktop edition, Manager initially saves all your businesses to its default application data folder. The folder where Manager is currently storing all data can be viewed under Preferences:

where it shows under the Application Data heading:

If you are using Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or other cloud storage service, you might find it more practical to move Manager data into cloud storage so your data is automatically backed up as you work with Manager. This can be accomplished two ways.

Change application data folder

To move application data to another folder, whether in the cloud or on any accessible drive, click on the folder name under the Application Data heading. A file browsing window will open, within which you can browse for and select a different folder.

You want to move your data to Dropbox and have created a Manager folder:

If the folder has been newly created and doesn’t contain anything, Manager will not let you proceed. Instead, it will display a notice (the exact format will vary by operating system):

Before you can use the new folder, follow the instructions in the notice. Copy (or move) all files from the current application data folder to the new one. Once done, try again. If successful, your new location will be shown under Application Data heading.

After creating a Manager folder in Dropbox and copying or moving all files from the old location to the new one, clicking on the folder path under Preferences and selecting the new folder changes your data location:

If you install Manager on another computer where Dropbox is installed, and the Manager folder is accessible, you don’t have to copy or move any files, because all files are already in the folder. So selecting the Manager folder in Dropbox under Preferences on the other computer will make the same data available.

If you are storing Manager data in Dropbox or similar cloud storage used by multiple computers, make sure multiple computers don’t use Manager at the same time. Dropbox is not good at merging differences between users working on the same file.

A cloud storage workflow will work well for single users owning multiple computers; they can have up-to-date data in the desktop edition on all computers.

If you have multiple users who need to access Manager at the same time, consider the cloud edition, which is designed for multiple concurrent users.

After changing the application data folder location, do not delete the original folder. Manager uses it to store housekeeping information, including the location of the new application data folder.

Change only a business data file’s location

A second way to store data elsewhere is to create a backup of the business in the desired storage location. Rather than launching Manager and selecting the business from the list of businesses on the Businesses page, open the data file from the remote location using your computer’s operating system features. This action will launch the Manager application; the business will be active.

Opening a file directly does not add it to the application data folder, so it will not appear in the list on the Businesses page. To avoid confusion and potential, accidental recording of accounting transactions in the wrong file, remove the business from the application data folder, leaving only the remotely stored copy.

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