Use email templates

Email templates allow you to include standardized messages when emailing a form directly from Manager. They are available for transaction forms that typically leave the business:

  • Sales quotes
  • Sales invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Delivery notes
  • Purchase orders
  • Payslips
  • Customer statements

Email template location

Email templates are unique to forms and become available under Settings Email Templates as tabs are enabled within which they can be used:

You do not have to create email templates, but they are empty until you edit them:

Develop an email template

To develop a specific email template, click Edit beside its name in the listing. Enter your desired content, using the Liquid templating language:

  • Subject should indicate the matter covered in the email. The code, {{reference}}, will insert the reference number from the specific form being sent, if one exists, such as a quote number or invoice number.
  • Message body should be a standard forwarding message. You can edit this before sending the email.

Click Update to save changes to the template. The subject line will be included in the email templates list:

Use an email template

Using email templates is automatic. When viewing a form, click Email at the top of the window:

The email will appear, using the email address set up for the intended recipient (customer, supplier, or employee):

All fields may be edited as necessary before clicking Send to deliver the email with the form as a PDF attachment.

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