Add custom fields for individual line items

You can add custom fields for individual line items in addition to those created for various transaction forms. This capability is supported for line items on:

  • Sales and purchase quotes
  • Sales and purchase orders
  • Sales and purchase invoices
  • Credit and debit notes
  • Delivery notes
  • Goods receipts

Although line-item custom fields and their contents are replicated when a transaction is cloned, they do not carry over to line items on other forms, even when the Copy to function is used. This is because transferring information in custom fields to different circumstances would rarely be desirable. However, line-item custom fields with identical names can be created for more than one form, providing locations for manual information transfer when appropriate.

To create a line-item custom field, go to the Settings tab, click Custom Fields, then find the list with -Line appended to its name for the form to which you are adding the field. Click New Custom Field for that list:

Define the custom field:

  • Give the custom field a Name, which will appear as a column heading.
  • Enter an optional, numerical Position. All custom fields appear after Description and before Qty.
  • Select the Type and Size.
  • Do not check the box to Show custom field as a column. It will have no effect. (The same entry form is used for all custom fields, and this field is effective only for transaction-level custom fields.)
  • Unless the custom field is for internal purposes only, check the box to Show custom field on printed documents.

Click Create to save the custom field.

Multiple lines of text can be entered in line-item custom fields. Simply hit the Return key to add another line.

Northwind Traders sells caviar and needs to include lot numbers on sales invoices for warranty purposes, but doesn’t want to include them in descriptions of inventory items. So Northwind creates a line-item custom field under Custom Fields. Northwind names this custom field Lot # and checks the box to show it on documents:

Lot # is now an editable column when Northwind enters sales invoices:

It will show on the invoice as a custom column, too:

This feature is automatically supported across all custom themes:

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