Apply a discount to a line item

Discounts to individual line items can be applied or indicated on some transaction forms related to sales, purchases, and refunds. These include:

  • Sales and purchase quotes (only when a purchase quote is not designated as a request for quotation)
  • Sales and purchase orders
  • Sales and purchase invoices
  • Credit and debit notes

The option lets you show customers discounts you are extending to them. It also lets you record how much of a discount, if any, a supplier has extended to you.

The Discount column is not normally displayed to save space. Where discounts can be applied, a checkbox appears on the entry form:

If the checkbox is activated, you can choose between Percentage or Exact amount options:

Selecting the Percentage option will add a Discount column where you will be able to enter the percentage.

Choosing the Exact amount option allows you to enter a fixed amount:

Although the checkbox activates the column for the entire form, discounts must be entered line item by line item.

Discounts applied to line items are not posted separately to any account. They reduce the calculated total for each line item. Therefore, they are effectively the same as changes to unit prices.

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