Set base currency

By default, Manager operates without any designated currency. No currency symbols are displayed on forms or reports. If your business operates entirely in a single currency, this may be sufficient. You can, however, set a base currency. Go to the Settings tab, then click Base Currency:

Select your base currency from the dropdown box:

Click Update.

All existing accounts and subaccounts will automatically be denominated in the base currency. Transaction forms will now display either the appropriate currency symbol or a designation for the currency:


Many reports do not include currency designations to reduce clutter, because they are presented in your base currency. Setting a base currency allows you to designate currencies for:

  • Bank accounts
  • Cash accounts
  • Expense claims
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Employees
  • Journal entries
  • Special accounts

Changing base currency has no impact on numerical values previously entered in Manager. No currency conversions are computed.

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