Email transactions and reports

You can email completed transactions and reports directly from within the Manager program. This Guide covers:

  • Setting up SMTP relay credentials
  • Sending email

Setting up SMTP relay credentials

If you have an email address, you have an SMTP server you can use (e.g., Gmail). There are also many SMTP server providers who offer relay service. Many have generous limits. For example, allows you to send up to 10,000 emails per month for free.

To enter email settings, go to the Settings tab and click Email settings:

Set up your server following instructions from your provider:

  • Hostname is the SMTP name furnished by your email provider.
  • Port should normally be designated as 587, but Manager also supports port 25. (Manager will not support port 465 used as the default by many email providers and applications.)
  • Username is your login name with your provider. Often, this is the email address for the sending account. Sometimes, however, providers stipulate a different username. If you enter a Username that is not formatted as an email address, Manager will show a separate Email address field. Enter the email address for the sending account there:

  • Password is the one required for login with the Username above.
  • Click the button to Show password to make your password visible. (This button appears only after content is entered in the Password field.)
  • Choose the Format for sending your transaction or report:

    Link sends a summary containing a link to the document, allowing you to track whether the recipient has viewed it (in server and cloud editions only). PDF sends a PDF of the document as an attachment.
  • The field for paper size disappears unless PDF is selected. Choices are A4 and Letter:

  • Check the box to Send a copy of every email to this address if you want copies of your outgoing emails.
  • An Email address field appears when the box is checked. Enter any desired address here.
  • Check the box to Receive email replies at a different address than you send from if desired. Enter the “reply-to” email address in the field that appears.

Click Update to save your settings. After settings have been updated, you can test them by clicking Test email settings. A test message will be sent to the email address associated with the SMTP server. A notice also appears if the test is successful.

Your email application or provider may override content of the Username field, substituting whatever you have set up for your general email. Therefore, you may want to create a separate email account for sending documents from Manager.

Some email providers have special requirements, mostly related to security. See, for example, these tutorials:

Sending email

While viewing the document you want to send, click Email near the top of the window. An email composing screen will appear:

  • To will be filled with any email address previously recorded for a customer, supplier, or employee if one is associated with the document. Otherwise, this field will be blank. Enter or edit the address as needed. Enter additional email addresses, if desired, separated by commas or semicolons.
  • Subject will be pre-filled with the title of the transaction or report you are emailing.
  • A message may be entered in the text window.
  • Checkboxes will appear for any attachments to the transaction. (In this illustration, an attachment named Attachment.jpg exists. If you check a box, that attachment will be included with the email in addition to the transaction itself.

Click Send. The document will be sent according to the choice made in the Format menu.

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