Create delivery notes

Delivery notes document the delivery of goods sold to defined customers. They can be used as:

  • Physical (as opposed to financial) records of sales transactions
  • Packing lists
  • Delivery route instructions
  • Confirmation of receipt (when acknowledged by a customer)

They have no financial impact. Indeed, they include no financial information. Delivery notes are completely optional. Without them, that is, when the Delivery Notes tab is not enabled, delivery of goods is assumed to occur as soon as the sales invoice or receipt is created. When the tab is enabled, however, delivery notes separate the financial and quantitative aspects of a sale from one another.

This Guide provides information on creating delivery notes. Another Guide furnishes instructions on how they are used.

Enable the Delivery Notes tab

To use delivery notes, first enable the Delivery Notes tab. Click Customize below the left navigation pane, check the box for Delivery Notes, and click Update below the list:

Create a delivery note

Delivery notes can be created three ways:

  • Manual entry
  • Cloning
  • Copying

Manual entry

In the Delivery Notes tab, click New Delivery Note:

Complete the delivery note entry form:

  • Delivery date contains today’s date by default, but may be edited.
  • Reference is optional and may be used for internal or external sequences. If the box within the field is checked, Manager will number the transaction automatically. The program will search for the highest number among all existing delivery notes and add 1.
  • Order number is the corresponding sales order number, if any. This field is filled automatically if the delivery note is created by copying a sales order or other transaction that includes an order number.
  • Invoice number is the corresponding sales invoice number, if any. This field is filled automatically if the delivery note is created by copying a sales invoice.
  • Inventory location appears if inventory locations are defined under Settings. Choose which location goods are delivered from. A delivery note can contain inventory items from only one location.
  • Customer is a predefined customer from the Customers tab. Delivery notes cannot be created for “walk-in” buyers.

    After a customer is selected, additional dropdown menus appear listing that customer’s sales orders and sales invoices:

    Selecting corresponding sales order and sales invoice numbers here is essential if you are using delivery notes to track status of the other transactions.

  • Delivery address will be filled automatically if the customer has a predefined delivery address. If no delivery address exists in the customer’s profile, Manager will not use the customer’s billing address. The Delivery address must be filled in manually.
  • The first Description is for an optional summary of the entire delivery.
  • Item allows you to select inventory items or non-inventory items.
  • The second and all subsequent Description fields describe individual line items. If this field is defined for an inventory or non-inventory item, that definition will automatically be carried over. The field may be edited.
  • Qty is the quantity of the line item being delivered at this time. If Unit Name is defined for the item, it will appear in the shaded box next to the quantity.

    When a delivery note is entered in conjunction with a credit note, enter a negative quantity.

  • Add line allows you to add more line items 1, 5, 10, or 20 at a time.**
  • A Custom title can be substituted. If the box is checked, a secondary field appears where the title can be entered. Possibilities include Packing List, Shipping Manifest, or Delivery Voucher.
  • A Custom theme can be selected, if any are defined, by checking the box and choosing a theme from the dropdown menu that appears.

Click Create to issue the delivery note. All necessary adjustments to inventory quantities and status by location occur automatically.

Northwind Traders has sold 5 boxes of frozen blue crab meat to Great Lakes Food Market. Northwind issued sales invoice #46224. It issues delivery note #311 as a packing list for the shipment:


If a delivery note for similar items already exists, it can be cloned to create a new delivery. While viewing the existing delivery note, click Clone:


All other methods of delivery note creation use the Copy to function. When viewing an eligible sales- or purchase-related form, click Copy to … and select New Delivery Note:

A completed delivery note entry screen will appear. All relevant information from the copied form will carry over to the delivery note. Edit as required and click Create.

Think carefully before enabling the Delivery Notes tab. Once you start using it, you must either continue or undertake considerable effort to render delivery notes unnecessary. Manager will not allow you to disable the tab after your first delivery note is created. The functionality this tab provides can be very important for some businesses. But it can also entail extra work every time an inventory item is purchased or sold. Consider creating a test company to explore whether delivery notes are truly necessary for your business. They can always be added later.

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