Reset the administrator password

Server edition

If you are using Manager’s server edition and forget the password for the administrator, you will be unable to log in under the Username administrator. So you will not be able to create new users or modify permissions. Attempting to log in without a valid password will return a warning:

To regain access, you must reset the administrator password. Follow these instructions:

  • Go to the application data folder.

  • Find the file named password and delete it. This will remove the password from the administrator account.

  • Go back to the login screen, enter the Username administrator, and click Login (Do not enter anything into the Password field).

  • Once you log in, set a new password in the Users tab so no-one will be able to access your server as administrator without entering a password.

Cloud edition

To reset the administrator’s password for the cloud edition, go to the cloud edition customer support page. See this Guide for information.

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