Review email

You can review emails sending transactions or reports from within Manager by clicking the Emails button at the top of the window:

The resulting listing includes:

  • A timestamp
  • The sender
  • The recipient(s) email address(es)
  • Subject of the email
  • Status

The first two lines of Brilliant Industries’ Emails list are shown below:

In the server and cloud editions of Manager, a dropdown menu in the upper right corner filters by sender.

Brilliant’s choices include only the users who have sent email:

Emails can only be viewed, not edited, because they have already been sent. When the View button for the email is clicked, the email can be reviewed. The display includes:

  • Transaction or report sent
  • Sender’s identity
  • Recipients’ email addresses
  • Date sent
  • Body of any message included
  • Button for PDF of transaction or report that was emailed
  • Button(s) for any other attachment(s) sent with the email

Brilliant Industries sends a credit note to Northwind Traders. The body of the email is a short note confirming a telephone conversation.

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