Review email

You can review emails sending transactions or reports from within Manager in the Emails tab (if enabled).To enable the tab, click on Customize below the left navigation pane, check the box for the Emails tab, then click Update:

Unlike other functional tabs in Manager, Emals can be enabled and disabled regardless of its contents. That is because emails are not stored as accounting transactions. Records of past emails are maintained if the tab is disabled. They will be present if the tab is later enabled again.

In the Emails tab, the listing includes:

  • A timestamp
  • The sender
  • The recipient(s) email address(es)
  • Subject of the email
  • Status

The first two lines of Brilliant Industries’ Emails list are shown below:

A dropdown menu in the upper right corner filters by sender.

Brilliant’s choices include only the users who have sent email:

Emails can only be viewed, not edited, because they have already been sent. When the View button for the email is clicked, the email can be reviewed. The display includes:

  • Transaction or report sent
  • Sender’s identity
  • Recipients’ email addresses
  • Date sent
  • Body of any message included
  • Button for PDF of transaction or report that was emailed
  • Button(s) for any other attachment(s) sent with the email

Brilliant Industries sends a credit note to Northwind Traders. The body of the email is a short note confirming a telephone conversation.

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