Convert a bank or cash account into the other type

You can convert a bank or cash account into the other type, transferring all prior transactions to it along with the account itself. This might be necessary in the following circumstances:

  • The account was miscategorized when first created prior to version 17.9.0. (All bank and cash accounts were handled under a single Cash Accounts tab in earlier versions. The only distinction was a checkbox to indicate the account was maintained by a financial institution.)
  • The account was mistakenly categorized in version 17.9.0 or a later version and has had transactions entered, so it cannot be deleted.

Convert an account

Select the home tab for the account you want to convert, either Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts:


In the lower right corner of the screen, click Convert:

Select the account you want to convert and click the Convert… button:


Results of conversion

If the tab for the destination account type has not yet been enabled, Manager will enable it.

The converted account will appear in the listing for the destination tab. Manager will treat the converted account as though it had always been the new type. Transactions previously entered in the converted account will now appear under the new destination account.

Finally, if the converted account is the last of its type, the tab for that type will disappear unless the tab has been separately enabled via the Customize link.

Sample Manufacturing is beginning operations. It creates one bank account named Business bank account in the Bank Accounts tab. But it mistakenly enters three petty cash transactions into that account. The Bank Accounts tab shows the single bank account (red circle). The three transactions (blue arrow) are indicated for the Receipts & Payments tab:

Sample realizes its mistake and decides to fix it by converting the bank account to a petty cash fund. When the conversion is complete, everything has been transferred to the Cash Accounts tab. Notice that the counter for Bank Accounts is now zero (blue arrow):

In this case, the Bank Accounts tab remains, because it was enabled via Customize.

Brilliant edits the new cash account to change its name to Petty cash. It creates a new bank account named Business bank account. This way, Brilliant avoids having to delete and re-enter transactions or accounts. Results are visible in the two accounts tabs:


When bank accounts are converted to cash accounts, pending transaction information is no longer displayed, because all cash account transactions, by definition, clear immediately. However, pending status information is not lost. If the account is converted from cash back to bank, the pending information will once again be shown.

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