Correct missing division selections

When divisions are used to separate income and expenses for different divisions, locations, or projects, it is important that division designations not be accidentally omitted from transactions. To review and correct missing divisions, use the Division Exception Report.

In the Reports tab, select Division Exception Report:

If a report for the desired time period has already been created, click View. If a report has not yet been created, click New Report and define the desired report:

Click Create to save the report. The resulting report lists all income and expense accounts, by group, that have transactions without assigned divisions:

Drill down on an individual account by clicking the number in the Amount column:

Edit transactions to add divisions. Be sure to click Update to save changes.

Columns differ when drilling down on different accounts, depending on appropriate content.

Of course, Manager cannot determine whether assigned divisions are correct or necessary. It only knows when they are missing. Confirmation that assigned divisions are correct is a management activity.

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