Open a data file directly

Any Manager business data file can be opened directly if the desktop edition is properly installed on a computer.

Rather than first launching Manager and selecting a business from the list of businesses in the Businesses tab, open the data file using the computer’s operating system features. This action will launch the Manager application; the business file will be active.

Thus, copies or backups of a business can be stored remotely, transmitted electronically, transported on portable media, and opened by accountants or coworkers who do not have access to your applications data folder. The business does not need to be imported into an application data folder.

Opening a file directly does not add it to the application data folder, so it will not appear in the list in the Businesses tab. If a version of the business remains in the application data folder (appearing in the Businesses tab), be aware that these are two separate accounting records, even if they have the same name. Changes made in a directly opened file are not picked up by the version in the application data folder. Nor will changes to a version listed in the Businesses tab appear in the directly opened file. To avoid confusion and potential, accidental recording of accounting transactions in the wrong file, consider removing a business from the application data folder if you make a remote copy for someone else to open.

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