Find and merge duplicate inventory items

Manager allows you to find and merge duplicate inventory items into a single inventory item. It will not, however, prevent you from accidentally or purposely creating duplicates in the first place. (You might, for example, want to treat individual units and packaged cases separately.)

The program alerts you to potential duplicates whenever you are in the Inventory Items tab by displaying an alert:

Finding duplicates

Click Find & merge to see a list of potential duplicate items. This search looks first for matches in the Item code field. If found, these override any other matches or differences. It then looks for matches in the Item name field. These also override other matching content except for item codes. No other fields are considered.

Brilliant Industries has a new inventory clerk who mistakenly creates three different inventory items for the same table lamp without checking the existing list. To make matters worse, the clerk does not follow consistent practices when defining the new items. So inventory of one item is spread among three. Fortunately, an alert appears:

Brilliant’s inventory manager notices the problem and clicks Find & merge. Manager returns a list of matches. In this case, because item codes were used correctly, all three duplicates are found, even though names and descriptions do not match:

But what if item codes had not been used consistently or at all? If the item code had been left off the third item, only the first two would have been found, because their item codes match:

If no item codes had been used, the same two items would have been found, because their names match. The third would have been excluded because its name differs:

Item codes are the most useful identifiers for inventory items because they override all other search criteria. Both code and name assignment, though, should be performed according to a consistent method to maximize the chance of finding duplicates.

Merging duplicates

To merge duplicates, click the circle to the left of the item you wish to keep. Then click Merge. All other items found in the search will be combined with this item. Their quantities will be merged with those of the kept item.

Only one item’s circle can be selected at a time. Selecting another will unselect the first. You are not selecting those items to be combined. Instead, you are selecting the one item into which all items listed will be merged. Therefore, if you want an item to remain separate, edit it in the Inventory Items tab by changing its item code or name before initiating the Find & merge process.

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