Set up and manage recurring journal entries

Recurring journal entries are useful when you make journal entries on a regular schedule and most details are identical from one period to the next. Manager can track when these journal entries are due, remind you to create them, yet give you the opportunity to edit details.

Procedures for making regular journal entries are described in another Guide. Read it first. Recurring journal entries are very similar.

Set up a recurring journal entry

To set up a recurring journal entry, go to Settings Recurring Journal Entries and click New Recurring Journal Entry:

Complete the entry form as you would a regular journal entry, with the following changes:

  • Next issue date is the date of the next recurring journal entry. You should enter a date that is the same day of the week or month you want future journal entries to be recorded. This field replaces the Date field of a regular journal entry.
  • Interval must include the number of weeks or months between recurring journal entries. Future entries will be on the same day of the week or month.

Click Create to save the recurring journal entry, which will be visible in the Recurring Journal Entries listing under Settings:

Create recurring journal entries

When one or more recurring journal entries are due (or past due) to be issued, two notifications are provided. The first is a yellow counter window in the left navigation pane showing the number of recurring journal entries for which journal entries are pending (not the number of pending journal entires, which could be higher if you have not kept up by creating journal entries that are due).

One recurring journal entry has at least one journal entry pending:

The second notification occurs any time you go to the Journal Entries tab. You will see a yellow notice that at least one journal entry is pending:

Click the yellow bar to see a list of journal entries due:

Click Create to enter all pending recurring journal entries. Necessary edits (if any) can be made after the journal entries are created.

Manage recurring journal entries

If a recurring journal entry should be skipped, modified in frequency, or changed in amounts, simply Edit it under Settings. Frequently, this involves only changing the Next issue date. But any field can be edited.

If the recurring journal entry ceases to be useful, Delete it in the Settings tab. Since a recurring journal entry is a template, not an actual transaction, Manager will allow you to delete recurring journal entries that have already been used.

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