Set up expense claim payers

Expense Claim Payers, as defined in this Guide, are persons who expend personal funds on behalf of the company, including directors, proprietors not using capital accounts, and all other persons. They are one of three types of Payers for whom expense claims can be entered. The others are Members created in the Capital Accounts tab and Employees.

Members and Employees can also be defined as Expense Claim Payers, especially if consolidated reporting is desired. See this Guide for further information.

To set up an Expense Claim Payer, go to the Settings tab and click on Expense Claim Payers:

Click New Expense Claim Payer:

Complete the form:

  • Name is how the expense claim payer will appear in selection list. (If the payer is also a member or employee, include a distinguishing identifier in the name so they can be told apart.)
  • Enter Starting balance if a start date has been set and a balance existed in the prior accounting system. Paid in advance means the company had already reimbursed the payer more than the payer was entitled to and was owed money by the payer on the start date. Amount to pay means the company owed the payer for prior expense claims on the start date.

Click Create. The Payer will appear in the Expense Claim Payers list:

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