Attach files to emails sent from Manager

This Guide explains how to attach files and supporting documentation to an email sent from within the Manager accounting application.

General procedures for emailing completed transaction forms and reports are described in another Guide. Read it first. Standardized email templates can be defined for many common forms after selecting Email Templates in the Settings tab, as covered in a third Guide.

Add an attachment

Before a file can be attached to an email sent from within Manager, whether or not an email template is used, the file must be included in the business data file as an attachment. Procedures for adding attachments are found in another Guide.

Brilliant Industries is preparing a sales quote for new lighting at a hotel. It adds two attachments to the sales quote, one a picture of the project design and the other a detailed list of proposed contract terms:

While reports can be emailed, you cannot add attachments to them. Therefore, attachments cannot be included with reports when they are emailed. Any supporting documentation must be separately emailed.

Select attachments

To include an attachment with a completed transaction, click Email while viewing it. Check boxes to indicate which attachment(s) you want to send with the email.

Brilliant wants to email the sales quote to its customer with both attachments. So it chooses both files:

Send the email

Click Send to email your message, the finished transaction form, and any designated attachments.

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