Search for records

Almost every screen in Manager showing a table or list includes a Search field and Search button:

To conduct a search, enter the search argument in the Search field and click Search. The following guidelines apply to all searches:

  • Searches cover information visible on screen, but not content of underlying subsidiary ledgers, items, registers, or transactions.
  • Searches are conducted for literal matches of text strings, with numbers treated as text.
  • All text strings in the search argument must be present somewhere in the record. (The Boolean logic applied is AND, not OR.)
  • Negation (the Boolean NOT) cannot be used.
  • Partial string searches work.
  • Order of text strings in the search argument does not matter.
  • Uppercase letters are ignored.
  • When a table or list extends to more than one page, all pages are searched, including those not visible.
  • Sort order in place before a search is preserved in search results. So both sort and search functions can be used simultaneously to find desired data.
  • To restore a full list or table, click the link in the yellow header bar of the search results.
  • Searches cannot be narrowed from previous results. New searches cover the entire, original table or list.
  • Quotation marks are not interpreted as demarcating a literal string consisting of the quoted characters as in many search engines. They are interpreted as characters within the search string, usually resulting in no search results.
  • When the searched screen includes totals, search results include totals for the returned records.

Some examples from a list of sales invoices illustrate the search principles. All searches are conducted on this default listing:

A search for 2017 invoices yields:

After reverse sorting by date, a search for “OVERDUE” (note the uppercase letters) produces:

A search for “55” returns the invoice 55 days overdue, as well as all invoices including “55” in their balances:

Reversing the order of words returns identical results. To illustrate, the search arguments “bob ware” and “ware bob” return:


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