Use a custom domain name with the cloud edition

This Guide applies only to users of the cloud edition. To test this feature, you can sign up for free trial at

By default, subscribers access Manager Cloud using their * URL. But access to the cloud edition can also be set up with a custom domain name at no additional cost.

If your cloud edition URL is currently, it can be changed to or anything else you like. This means your URL does not have to contain branding:


Setting up a custom domain name is simple. Basically, all you need to do is define a CNAME record for your custom domain that points to your Manager Cloud URL.

Step 1

Log into your domain provider’s site and determine where to manage your Domain Name Server (DNS) settings. Depending on your provider, this may be called Zone File Settings, Manage Domains, Domain Manager, DNS Manager, or something similar.

Here, you will create a new record so your subdomain correctly links to Manager Cloud.

Step 2

In your provider’s DNS manager, create a CNAME record with these values (order and presentation may vary):

  • Name, Alias or Host Name: enter your subdomain. For example, if you’re connecting, you should enter just accounting.
  • Type or Record Type: indicate CNAME or CNAME Alias
  • Value or Points to: enter (your URL for Manager Cloud).
  • TTL or Time to Live: set to 1 hour (3600 seconds).

A custom domain name,, can be set up to point to the Manager Cloud URL in a typical DNS manager:

Step 3

Depending on your provider, it may take from 5 minutes to 24 hours for a custom domain to become active. When you are able to navigate to your custom domain, Manager Cloud will automatically download and install an SSL certificate from Let’s encrypt so your connection will be still safe and secure.

After setting up the custom domain as described above and logging in, a browser will display the secure connection as below:

Final words

When custom domains were added (in Manager version 17.9.63), unnecessary branding was removed from the cloud edition. So, if you use a custom domain, your restricted users will see your custom URL with no reference to

This is especially useful for accounting firms or bookkeepers whose clients might be reluctant to do their books under an unfamiliar domain. Instead, they can keep their accounting records under the domain name of a service provider they already recognize and trust.

Setting up a custom domain name will not deactivate your original * URL. Although your restricted users may be unaware of its existence, your * URL will provide backup access to Manager Cloud if problems occur with setup or maintenance of your custom domain name.

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