Download a PDF version of the Manager Guides

For users without consistent internet access, a PDF (Portable Document Format) version of a book containing all instructional Manager Guides can be downloaded and stored on a local drive or printed. The book has a number of convenient features:

  • Chapters correspond to major categories of the online Guides index.
  • Sections match subcategories of the index.
  • All illustrations, notes, and caution statements are included.
  • The book is updated daily.
  • The table of contents is hyperlinked to individual sections.
  • All hyperlinks in the online Guides are functional in the PDF file.

To download the book, go to the Guides page on the Manager web site. In the introductory paragraph, click on PDF book. The PDF file will open in a browser tab according to your selected preferences. From there, it can be saved to any drive as a standalone file.

The PDF file is almost 20 MB. The resulting book is over 550 A4-sized pages. Users should consider printing only selected portions, especially when taking into account the daily update cycle.

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