Change fonts in custom themes

Manager supports custom font families for screen viewing, PDF generation, and printing using custom themes. The custom fonts must be installed on your machine. No external font loading is currently allowed.

For example, you can change the built-in theme, Bold Yellow, to use the Agency FB font. While viewing the theme, copy it to a new theme and set the style attribute in the first line of Liquid code to font-family: Agency FB:

A sales invoice using the new custom theme will look like this:

Of course, you can have multiple fonts within single PDF document. You just need to set the font-family attribute on relevant tags.

Substitution of custom fonts may be different for PDFs and printed documents, because printing occurs through your operating system. Printed documents may require insertion of the font-family attribute at multiple places in the Liquid code of a theme. Experiment with your custom theme to be sure you have the desired font showing in all the right places.

Because custom fonts must be installed on your machine, they will not be used for emailed transaction forms. If you want to email a form with a custom font, you must first create a PDF and then email the PDF.

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