Perform calculations in number fields

Manager can perform calculations in built-in number fields as quantities or prices are entered. The result of the calculation is stored, not the calculation itself.

When entering a transaction, simply include an arithmetic expression in a number field. Allowed characters include:

  • Numerals 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
  • Operators +, -, *, /, and ^
  • Parentheses ( and ) in matching pairs, including nested parentheses

Do not include an equal sign (=) in the field. While entering the calculation, Manager will display the entered characters. If the expression is incomplete or unallowable, the field is outlined in red. When a valid expression has been entered, its result is shown in real time and included in other calculations performed by the program.

The following entry is invalid because of a missing parenthesis preceding the numeral 6. Note how the Total field remains zero:

When the expression is corrected, its results are used in the transaction:

and flow through to the completed form:

Calculations can be entered into multiple fields in the same line. They can also be quite elaborate. The following calculations:


When returning to the entry screen by clicking Edit, the results of the calculation have been stored, not the formulae:

Calculations cannot be performed in number-type custom fields. If an arithmetic expression is entered in such a field, the program ignores it.

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