Copy reports to the clipboard

Reports in Manager include a Copy to clipboard button above the display pane:


This feature is in addition to the Export button at the bottom right corner, described in another Guide.

To copy a report to the clipboard, simply click the button while viewing it. Copy to clipboard copies the HTML code used to render the report on screen. Therefore, it can produce a more finished document than the Export function.

Brilliant Industries prepares a comparative Profit and Loss Statement for two years. Viewed on screen, it looks like this:

The Export function allows data to be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet:


Note that some header information is missing, and no distinctive formatting is preserved. The Copy to clipboard function produces a better result when clipboard contents are pasted into a spreadsheet. The only change necessary to obtain the version below was widening Column A:

While exported data in TSV format can be pasted into spreadsheets or word-processing documents, clipboard content can only be pasted into spreadsheets. Pasting into a word-processing document pastes the HTML code itself:

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