Add localized settings and features

Many settings and features of Manager depend on the location where a business operates. Users can add localized settings and features needed for their business locations in two ways:

  • When first adding a new business, as explained in another Guide
  • By selecting a country on the Business Details page of the Settings tab, as explained in this Guide

Localized options are unique to an individual business. If you account for more than one business in Manager, localized options are separate for each one.

If you change the country selection, available options will change.

To make localized options available in an existing business, go the Settings tab and click Business Details:

In the Country field, you will see a dropdown menu listing countries for which localized options exist, grouped by language of the individual countries:

After choosing a country, click Update to enable available setup preferences, tax codescustom fields, report transformations, and extensions for that country.

If no localizations are available for your country, you will need to create your own localized settings and features.

Localizations will be updated (if necessary) whenever your Manager software version is updated.

For more information about a particular localization, visit In the footer, click on Localizations:

Specific details of localizations will be displayed:

Changing the Country setting for an established business will not update or add tax codes, because doing so might change already existing tax transactions. So you will need to create tax codes yourself. You can, however, use the tax codes listed on the Localizations page to help determine which are necessary.

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