Import localization settings and features

Many settings and features of Manager depend on the location where a business operates. Users can import localization settings and features needed for their business locations and install them in their business data files.

Localization options are unique to an individual business. If you account for more than one business in Manager, you must install localization options separately for each one.

To install localization options, go the Settings tab. In the heading bar, click Import:

You will see a dropdown menu listing countries for which localization options exist, grouped by language of the individual localizations:

If no localizations are available for your country, you will need to create your own localization settings and features, such as custom tax codes.

After choosing a country, click Next (or its equivalent in another language). A list of available localization options will appear. Check a box to see what is included with a particular localization option.

When a localization option for a report transformation is selected, subsidiary listings show tax codes and custom fields that will be installed with the transformation. These additional options are necessary for proper functioning of the report transformation. They must be used in place of any equivalent tax codes or custom fields you have already created. The report will ignore other tax codes and custom fields.

When you have selected the desired option(s), click Import. If other options are desired, repeat the process.

Brilliant Industries has registered for GST in Australia and wants to add relevant tax codes and the Business Activity Statement - Full report transformation to assist with lodgment. Following instructions above, Brilliant navigates to Australia-specific localization options. First is the desired statement:

After Import is clicked, the new tax codes appear under Tax Codes in the Settings tab:

And Business Activity Statement - Full report transformation appears under the Reports tab:

Once a report transformation has been installed, it will updated (if necessary) whenever your Manager software version is updated.

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