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Many settings and features of Manager depend on the location where a business operates. In older versions of the application, these localization options were all built in. To keep the main program compact, they are now maintained separately on a web site. Users can import localization settings and features needed for their business locations from that web site and install them in their business data files.

Localization options are unique to an individual business. If you account for more than one business in Manager, you must install localization options separately for each one.

To download and install localization options, go the main web site. In the top menu bar, click Localizations:

You will be linked into a three-level hierarchy of localization information. The three levels are:

  1. Localizations, a top-level listing of countries
  2. Country-specific localization options
  3. Instructions, when applicable, for report transformation options

Normally, you will be linked directly to the second level of the hierarchy for your country, bypassing the first level. If you need localization options for a different country, click on Localizations in the bread crumbs on the web page you see. From there, click on the desired country’s name.

If your country’s localization options include report transformations, they will be listed at the second level. When their links are clicked, third-level instructions will include information about tax codes and other options that will be installed with the reports. These additional options are necessary for proper functioning of the report. Follow those instructions for installation and setup.

If your country’s localization options include only tax codes, links to download them and instructions for installation will be included at the second level. No third-level instructions will be necessary.

Regardless of what option you are installing, following the instructions on the web site will result in a small file being downloaded to your computer. After the file downloads, go to the Settings tab and click on the Import button at the top of the page:

Click Choose File and navigate to the the file you just downloaded. Select it. Then click Import. Manager will install the localization options for you. If other options are desired, repeat the process.

Brilliant Industries has registered for GST in Australia and wants to add relevant tax codes and the GST Calculation Worksheet report to assist with lodgement. On the main Manager web site, Brilliant clicks the Localizations link and sees the Australia-specific localization options. First is the GST Calculation Worksheet:

Brilliant clicks the Download link and downloads a file named GST Calculation Worksheet.json.

Next, Brilliant clicks the link for Installation Instructions:

(The GST Calculation Worksheet.json file could also be downloaded from the instructions page.)

Following the instructions, Brilliant goes to the Settings tab and clicks Import. It selects the file just downloaded. After Import is clicked, the new tax codes appear under Tax Codes in the Settings tab:

And GST Calculation Worksheet appears under the Reports tab:

If no localization options are available for the country chosen, a notice like this will appear:

In that case, you will need to create your own localization settings and features, such as custom tax codes.

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