Set up the PAYG payment summary for Australia

Manager includes the PAYG payment summary - individual non-business report for Australian businesses. This report is available as part of the business localization feature, which streamlines the localization process. Because the report is complex, significant setup may be required, depending on the status of your business.

Set up new businesses

If you are adding a new business in Manager and set its Business Location to Australia during initial setup, you will automatically have access to this report and everything that supports it. No manual setup will be required. Specifically, the following will automatically be added to your business:

Custom fields

  • Business Details — Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Employee — Tax file number
  • Payslip Earnings Item — ATO reporting category
  • Payslip Contribution Item — ATO reporting category
  • Payslip Deduction Item — ATO reporting category
  • Supplier — Include this supplier in Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)

Report Transformations

  • GST Calculation Worksheet
  • PAYG payment summary — individual non-business
  • Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)

Payslip Earnings Items

  • Unused annual leave
  • Salary
  • Bonus
  • Overtime
  • Commission
  • Back pay
  • Unused long service leave
  • Ordinary hours

Payslip Deduction Item

  • PAYG withholding

Payslip Contribution Items

  • Salary sacrifice
  • Superannuation guarantee

Set up existing businesses

Setting up an existing business on Manager is more complex, because you will already have existing payslip items that cannot be abandoned. Instead, those must be configured to work with the new report. Fortunately, you only need to do this once. Then, just keep up to date as you add new employees.

This setup process must be completed separately for each Australian business in Manager. Localization settings and features do not carry over from one to another.

To more completely understand the importation process, read this general Guide before setting up a business for this particular report.

Go to Settings and click Import in the top-right corner:
30%20AM 52%20AM

Select Australia and click Next:


In the Import field, select the following six items:


Click Import. The report will be added to your Reports tab and the six custom fields will be included on relevant data entry forms.

Using the report

Before the report can extract the right data, a few steps remain:

  • ATO reporting category must be set on all your payslip items. Go to Settings, then Payslip Items. Set ATO reporting category on each of your existing payslip items. For example, a Salary payslip item should be set to Gross payments.


  • Go to the Employees tab click Edit beside every employee to enter the Tax file number.

  • Go to Business Details under the Settings tab and enter your ABN number.

Now you can go to Reports and click on the PAYG payment summary - individual non-business report.


Then create a new report for an employee to get this:

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