Self-host a Manager installation

Most Manager users will use either the single-user desktop edition or the multi-user cloud edition. However, users with necessary skills and access to required hardware and software resources can self-host a Manager installation.

Instructions for setting up self-hosting vary by operating system. Whichever operating system you use, you must first sign up for the cloud edition and choose the annual plan. When you sign up, you will automatically receive a server license to install Manager on a server that you manage. The server license entitles you to perpetual use of the server edition version you install, even if you later cancel your subscription.

Specific instructions can be found at this web page: On that page, choose the link for your operating system.

When the time comes to update self-hosted installations, the following links automatically point to the latest version:

Whenever users question whether the server or cloud edition is more suitable for their circumstances, our default recommendation is to use the cloud edition. Users with necessary skills and resources to successfully install, operate, and maintain a self-hosted installation will usually not have such questions. They will already be aware of what is involved and understand the tradeoffs.

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