Install or update desktop edition on Windows

Install or update the desktop edition of Manager on a Windows-based computer in exactly the same way. When updating, do not delete or uninstall anything first. The Manager installer will handle everything for you.

To download the current version of Manager, click Free Download on the home page. Then select Free Download within the Windows tile:

If you plan to install Manager on a 32-bit Windows machine, be sure to download the correct installer by clicking alternative download.

To install or update Manager, double click or run the downloaded installer file. Unlike most Windows installers, this one is set up to run for a normal user, so no administrator password is required:

Accept the security warning by clicking Run:

When the Manager Setup Wizard screen appears, click Next:

Choose whether you want to add a desktop shortcut, then click Next:

Confirm the directory where you will install Manager. The default location is the Windows user’s private (hidden) directory. Click Next to complete installation:

Installation in Windows protected program directories such as C:\Program Files or access by multiple windows users is not covered by this guide.

Multiple versions of Manager can be installed on a Windows computer by logging in as different Windows users.

During installation, you can also choose any other installation directory for which the current Windows user has write permission. Manager will remember the installation directory chosen next time that particular Windows user installs Manager.

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