Collapse account groups in financial reports

You can collapse account groups to simplify a Profit and Loss Statement or Balance Sheet report. This capability might be useful on Profit and Loss Statements when detailed separation of income and expenses into separate accounts is desired at the data entry phase, but consolidated reporting is sufficient for other purposes. It might be helpful on a Balance Sheet when various asset or liability accounts can be grouped for review purposes.

When an account group is collapsed, only the group name and combined balance are displayed on the financial report. Individual accounts and balances within the group do not show. To collapse a group, go to the Edit screen for the report and click inside the field below Groups to collapse:

A dropdown list of groups eligible for collapse on the financial report will appear. Click on the one you want to collapse. Repeat the process if you want to collapse additional groups.

Northwind Traders has designed its Profit and Loss Statement with several groups, including Other Income and Other Expenses:

But Northwind does not need to display all these accounts in its quarterly management review package. So it selects the Other Income group for collapse:

and then the Other Expenses group:

The resulting Profit and Loss Statement looks like this:

To expand a group that was previously collapsed, select Edit for the financial report and click the X in front of the group’s name in the Groups to collapse field.

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