Clone transactions and reports

Create a clone in Manager when you want a transaction or report similar to one that already exists. To create a clone, click the Clone button near the top of the Manager window while viewing a transaction or report:

Cloning a transaction

Cloning generates an exact duplicate of a transaction. All standard and custom field contents, checkbox options, and custom themes will appear on a new transaction entry form exactly as they were for the parent transaction, with one exception. That exception is the reference number field, which will follow the setup for that form type under Form Defaults in the Settings tab. Other aspects of the default form content will be overridden by cloning.

When the entry screen appears, anything can be edited or added to it. Click Create to save the new transaction. If the default is for automatic reference numbers, the reference number will be added only at this point. The newly cloned transaction will appear.

Cloning a report

Cloning a report does not generate a duplicate of the report itself. Instead, it generates a duplicate report definition screen. As with transactions, anything can be edited or added, just as if a new report were being created from scratch. This feature is especially helpful when creating reports for new reporting periods or designing similar, but not identical, custom reports. Click Create to save the new report definition. The newly cloned report will appear.

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