Use right-to-left languages

Manager supports right-to-left text and overall layout when you switch to one of the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Dhivehi
  • Hebrew
  • Kurdish
  • Persian
  • Urdu

Procedures for changing language are described in another Guide. Read it first.

When using one of the right-to-left languages, the entire interface will be right-to-left.

A new business is added, and Arabic is chosen as the language. The default chart of accounts is displayed as on the Summary page below:

The Balance Sheet is similarly reversed:

Changing languages only translates predefined terms in the program. No live translation capability exists within the program. See the discussion on effects of changing languages in this Guide.

Implementation of right-to-left text is not yet complete, but will continue to be improved:

  • Manager’s internal PDF generator still assumes left-to-right mode. Users needing PDFs of transactions or reports may obtain better results using the Print button and an external PDF generator.
  • There are some issues with themes and some minor problems with layout. But most screens should function correctly at this point.
  • Users of right-to-left languages who notice specific problems should post them on the Forum (in English).
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