Audit transaction history

Every business in Manager has a history file that allows you to audit data entries, updates, deletions, and batch operations. The history file is unique for each business you create in Manager. When you backup a business, the history file is part of the backup.

View the history file

To view transaction history, click the History button near the top of the Manager window:

A list of transactions appears, with:

  • Timestamp for the transaction
  • User who took the action
  • Description of the action
  • Action category

View individual transactions

To see exactly what a user did, click View for a transaction. For example, on July 22, 2020, at 11:29:55 AM, a user named David created a payment:

Notice that David mistakenly entered the transaction date as July 30, 2020. The next day, David noticed his mistake and deleted the payment transaction. That action was recorded also, on July 23, 2020, at 10:26:41 AM, and can be viewed in the history file:

A new payment must now be completed. Alternatively, the existing transaction could have been edited. Either of those transactions would also be recorded in the history file.

Undo transactions

There is another method for reversing actions, the Undo button:

The Undo button is somewhat like a Back button in a web browser, or the Undo function in a word processing program, with a very important difference. Manager’s Undo button does not operate in reverse order of the original actions. Actions can be undone in any order.

David realizes after deleting the payment it would have been simpler to edit the date than to recreate the entire transaction. So he clicks on View for the deletion action and then clicks the Undo button. His deletion is reversed and removed from the history file:

The payment is restored to the Receipts & Payments tab and can be edited there.

Consequences of using the Undo button are sometimes difficult to foresee. This is especially true when transactions reference one another, such as when a fixed asset is created, a purchase invoice records its purchase cost, and a payment records payoff of the purchase invoice. Always make a backup of your business before undoing transactions from the history file.

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