Use the Batch View function

Manager has the ability to generate batches of records for viewing in a single operation. This can be useful in many situations, including:

  • Printing monthly sales invoices for all subscribers to a service
  • Providing customers with copies of their complete sales history
  • Furnishing employees with earnings information from prior payslips
  • Reviewing expense claim details of owners before making distributions to capital accounts
  • Generating daily production order batches
  • Assembling delivery route packages from delivery notes

There is a Batch View button in the bottom right corner when viewing any table or list with View buttons:

This includes tabs like Sales Invoices and Bank Reconciliations, drill-downs from clickable figures in reports, and some pages in the Settings tab. When you click the button, you will be able to select records to compile into single view. Check the first box to select all items in the list, or choose individual records:

Then click Batch View at the bottom of the list.

Brilliant Industries has a customer, Bob’s Hardware, who has stopped paying invoices:

Brilliant decides to send a reminder with copies of all overdue sales invoices to Bob’s Hardware. After clicking the Batch View button in the Sales Invoices tab, Brilliant selects all Bob’s overdue invoices:

After Brilliant clicks the Batch View button on the selection screen, a four-page view file is generated and displayed, with each sales invoice on a separate page. Brilliant can print that and mail it.

Results of any search or sort operations are preserved when selecting the Batch View function.

If a PDF file of the batch is desired instead of a printout, that option can be selected using features of your operating system. Some operating system printer drivers include a built-in option to “print to PDF.” For others, third-party PDF generators are available.

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