Navigate transaction lists with previous and next arrows

Whenever Manager displays a completed transaction form or theme (anything visible by clicking a View button except a report), navigation arrows and information appear in the top right corner of the form display frame, like this:

These pertain to the list from which the form was viewed (or the implied list in the case of drill-downs). Specifically, the symbols and numbers mean:

View record at beginning of list
View previous record in list
Now viewing Xth record in list of Y records (in this case, the 5th of 51)
View next record in list
View record at end of list

List numbering and ordering preserves the results of any prior search or sort operations.

Northwind Traders receives a telephone inquiry from a customer, Seven Seas Imports. Seven Seas wants to order a product purchased previously, but cannot remember what it was called, only that it was purchased in early 2015.

Northwind goes to the Sales Invoices tab in Manager and enters a search for “2015 Seven Seas.” The following list is returned:

Northwind views the earliest sales invoice in 2015, reference 2122, and reads the items on it to Seven Seas over the telephone. None of them sounds right. Rather than go back to the list and open the next earliest sales invoice, Northwind simply clicks the button, continuing the process until Seven Seas recognizes the desired product.

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