Set user permissions

User permissions control what restricted users of the server or cloud editions can see and do in Manager. Creation and management of users is covered by another Guide. Read it first.

Once restricted users have been created and given access to a business, they will be able to log in. But unless user permissions have been created, a restricted user will see a warning:

Permissions should be set according to the responsibilities of the user.


  • Accounting personnel at a business might have full access to all tabs and functions.
  • Sales staff might only be able to view and create customers and sales quotes.
  • A production manager might be able only to view inventory status, but view and create production orders.
  • Only partners might be able to view Capital Accounts.
  • Human resources personnel might be given access only to Employees.

To set user permissions, go to the Settings tab, click User Permissions, then New User Permissions:

A list of possible user permissions will appear, depending on the tabs enabled for the business. The list includes functional Tabs themselves, Reports, and Settings. By default, all permissions are set to No access to prevent a restricted user from seeing or doing anything unauthorized:

Enter the Username for the restricted user.

Usernames are case sensitive and must match the username created for a restricted user by an administrator user in the Users tab.

If the user will have full access to everything in the business, including the ability to set permissions for other users, check the Full access box. A restricted user with full access can do everything except create new users and give them access to businesses. For all other restricted users, select permissions in the various dropdown menus. Options for all permissions are the same:

  • View allows the user only to see the screens involved.
  • View, Create lets the user see all screens of the type and create new ones. But existing records cannot be updated or deleted.
  • View, Create, Update adds the ability to edit records.
  • View, Create, Update, Delete gives full authority to do anything with the type of record covered.

Northwind Traders has created a restricted user named Jeffrey. His username is jeffrey. Jeffrey is an accounts receivable clerk, so he deals with bank accounts (Northwind has two), customers, receipts, payments, and sales invoices to one degree or another. His Tabs permissions are set this way:

He will not be able to see the company’s overall position and performance on the Summary page. But he will be able to do anything with both bank accounts except delete them. He will be able to view and create both receipts and payments, but Northwind’s policies will not allow him to update them later. Since he calls customers, he can view them. But it is someone else’s responsibility to create new ones and maintain them. Similarly, he can see sales invoices, but not do anything with them. However, because he has responsibility for collection activity, the company allows him greater flexibility with credit notes and late payment fees.

Jeffrey’s Reports permissions correspond to his duties:

He is given no access to anything in the Settings tab. When Jeffrey logs into his Manager account, he sees only the tabs in the left navigation pane and the authorized reports in the Reports tab:

User permissions can be created for a restricted user before they are added to the business, as long as the proper username is entered. These permissions will have no effect, though, until an administrator user adds the business to the restricted user’s profile.

When a restricted user will manage an entire business, including settings permissions for other users, they should be given full access. Without full access, a user cannot see the User Permissions page in Settings.

When restricted users have full access, they can downgrade their own user permissions. But they cannot restore or upgrade them, because they will no longer have access to the User Permissions page. They will see a warning like this after downgrading:

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